Disability Arts Online offers commission opportunities

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In light of the unprecedented situation caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, which will hit the Disability Arts Online community doubly hard – adversely affecting both disabled people and the self-employed – they outline what measures they’re taking, including a new commissions pot for disabled artists.

These are scary times for people. Not only are people’s health and lives at risk, for many, so are their livelihoods. Even for those not directly affected, social distancing measures means greater isolation. But it’s times like these when your community becomes more important than ever, and we very much feel privileged to be part of such a compassionate, empathetic and caring community. Disability Arts Online is a relatively small organisation, but it is committed to supporting you in every possible way.

New Commissions

  • After a quick finance review, DAO allocated £8,000 to a new commissions pot which disabled artists can apply to. You can be working in any art form. They can only accept applications from disabled artists based in the UK, though proposals with international collaborators, where a UK disabled artist is the lead are fine. There are three tiers of commissions:
  • Artist Presentations: Give a 30-minute artist talk from the comfort of your own home via Facebook Live and IGTV, then answer questions posted by viewers in the comments section for 15 minutes. Disability Arts Online will provide tech-support and a dry-run to get you up to speed. They will pay you a fee of £200 (up to 10 artists will be selected).
  • Day in the Life Articles: DAO is looking for a series of features that give an insight into the working life of an artist. Your feature could be more process-orientated and take us through a specific creative process. It could refer to a specific day but give an overview of your practice. It could be playful or profound, depending on what feels right to you. You could film or record your day and share aspects of it. How much you do or don’t talk about disability or impairment issues depends on whether or not it feels appropriate to share those with DAO’s audience. Commissioned artists providing a written article are encouraged to record an audio version to increase access. Video versions should include captions. £120 for written articles, £150 for videos (up to 10 artists will be selected).
  • Open commissions (£50 – £500): Pitch an idea for an online event, discussion, performance or exhibition – anything that can take place or be displayed online. These are open commissions so bring your best ideas and suggested costs. Please consider audience access in your application (additional funds will be available to cover these costs). Applications from partnerships or collectives are welcome.

To apply:

Deadline: Monday 6 April.

Email describing your idea, with a bit of background information about yourself. DAO absolutely welcomes applications in multiple formats including audio, video etc.

From April onwards DAO will also be commissioning content for the website for publication in May and beyond, so writers can pitch to us in the usual way.

Other Covid-19 steps

Spaces for the community to gather: Disability Arts Online has always been a digital space where  community could congregate and meet peers. If you haven’t already, join their 6000+ strong Facebook group, or joinn them on Twitter or Instagram.

Talent development: DAO will offer more free one-to-one Artist Development Sessions via Skype/telephone/Facetime during the crisis. That’s an hour of dedicated time from one of their experienced team on any number of topics. They’ve also continued to deliver our Diverse Critics talent development programme for four aspiring disabled journalists in Scotland remotely, which so far has been a success.

Content: If social distancing or self-isolation is driving you up the wall with boredom, our great content will be continuing unabated. Guest Editorship from the brilliant Sandra Alland is coming up over the next four weeks. You can catch up with the first 10 episodes of the Disability And…Podcast here (or on the podcast platform of your choice), if you haven’t already. Also, some great guests for the Podcast already recorded, including Sarah Gordy on Disability and…Sex, Sandra Alland hosting a conversation about Disability and…LGBTQIA+ & Class issues, Alexandrina Hemsley and Deborah Williams talking Disability and…Race and Birds of Paradise’s Robert Softley Gale on Disability and…the Mainstream.

Events listings: Most in-person events currently in their events listings are likely to be postponed or cancelled. However, it’s still a great place to advertise (free of charge) and discover livestreamed or online events.




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Free Creative Industries Federation Membership for six months

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Here is a message from The Creative Industries Federation Membership, who are offering free membership for six months:

It’s clear that our creativity and problem-solving abilities are going to be substantially affected by the ongoing Coronavirus emergency. This is a rapidly evolving, unprecedented situation, and we’ve been listening carefully to your concerns.

Now, it is more important than ever to connect our sectors and speak with one unified for the creative industries to ensure you and our wider creative community are supported during this difficult period.

We are only as strong as our membership and we need creatives from across the country to join us at this time of crisis for the sector. We are encouraging freelancers and microbusinesses – who will be some of the hardest hit –  to join us as a Creative Industries Federation Member free of charge for the next six months, so we can support you with relevant news and updates whilst you navigate the challenges of the ongoing Coronavirus emergency.

Please click here to set up your free, six-month Federation membership. 

  • You want to get behind our mission to unlock the power of creativity and realise our country’s potential.

  • You want your work to play an important role in the future of the creative industries.

  • You know that unity is strength and collaboration is the key to change.


  • A chance to sign the Creative Industries Charter. By using our logo, you’ll demonstrate to the people you work with that you’re committed to creative excellence and you protect your interests.

  • Your voice, heard. We advocate for our members at the highest level in government. We protect your interests, rates and rights, and we make sure our sector is at the heart of decision-making.

  • A network of the most inspiring creative talent in the UK. You’ll become a part of the success story that’s powering our economy.

  • A UK-wide programme of events and workshops. You’ll get free or discounted tickets to thought leadership, coaching and networking events – everything from low-key meet-ups to conferences and webinars.

  • A profile boost. Getting you and your work in front of our brilliant network of freelancers, creative businesses and decision makers.

  • Access to talent. Gain a competitive advantage through access to the best creative sector businesses and talent from across the UK

  • Use of our directory and members-only jobs boards. Through exclusive access, you’ll meet even more creative talent.

  • The latest industry insights. We’ll keep you in the loop with news, views and advice from across the sector.

  • Resources for business and personal growth. You’ll have our market-leading content whenever you need it.

  • Access to funding opportunities. Regular updates on new ways to finance your work.


Creative Industries Federation memberships normally start from £80. Find out more from our Membership team.




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COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund Announced for Film/TV workers

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The BFI and The Film and TV Charity set up a new Covid-19 Film and TV Emergency Relief Fund with a £1m donation from Netflix

published 24 March 2020 by


The BFI and The Film and TV Charity have partnered to create a new industry-backed Covid-19 Film and TV Emergency Relief Fund to help support the creative community, which like many industries, has been devastated by the pandemic.

Established with a £1m donation from Netflix, the new Covid-19 Film and TV Emergency Relief Fund will be administered by The Film and TV Charity with support from the BFI. It will provide emergency short-term relief to the many thousands of active workers and freelancers who have been directly affected by the closure of productions across the UK.

Alex Pumfrey, CEO of The Film and TV Charity, said “The film and TV industry is now facing a huge threat. Many freelancers have seen their livelihoods disappear overnight. We’re entering a period of unprecedented isolation and worry for a workforce that we know from our research already suffers from poor mental health.

“Which is why I’m incredibly pleased that that Netflix and the BFI are working with us to kick-start this new COVID-19 Film and TV Emergency Relief Fund to support workers across the UK’s film and TV industry.”

Ben Roberts, BFI Chief Executive said ‘‘Freelance professionals are the backbone of our film and television industries, and we hope that everyone will work together to support those who have been hardest hit at this extraordinary time of need. Netflix’s early commitment to this fund is hugely welcomed and are asking other commercial industry partners to contribute, if they are able, and play their part in helping those most in need get through this crisis.”

Anne Mensah, Vice President, Original Series at Netflix said: “We’re proud to be working with the BFI and The Film and TV Charity to support the hardest hit workers in TV and film production. From electricians to carpenters, hair and makeup artists to drivers – and many more, UK crews have always been vital to Netflix’s success and now we want to help those freelancers who most need support in these unprecedented times.” 

The Film and TV Charity has supported people working behind the scenes in the film and TV industry for almost 100 years. Founded in the early days of cinema in 1924 with the generosity of entrepreneurs who understood the value of a well-supported workforce in an industry driven by people, the charity has huge experience in distributing hardship funds to those in need.

The Film and TV Charity is currently working on the precise eligibility criteria and level of individual funding but the fund will be open to those working in production, distribution and exhibition. To be the first to hear when the fund launches, applicants should register for the charity’s mailing list.

Those in immediate and urgent need should apply for support via The Film and TV Charity’s existing hardship fund, offering grants of up to £500 to provide stop-gap support. This hardship fund will sit alongside the new Film and TV COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. Details on eligibility and how to apply.

The Film and TV Charity and BFI also recognise the significant mental health pressures arising as a result of COVID-19 and, in line with the charity’s existing Whole Picture Programme for better mental health, are developing new advice specifically tailored for our industry on how to stay mentally well at home and creating a new supportive community forum for freelancers. The Film and TV Charity already provides 24/7 mental health support to the industry, including counselling and legal advice, via the Film and TV Support Line on 0800 054 00 00.

The BFI is leading an industry wide Screen Sector Task Force that is looking at the wide-ranging impacts of Covid-19 on the whole industry and its workforce, as well as working closely with Government to ensure that all of the ramifications and impacts are considered. The BFI has up to date industry advice for freelancers and other areas of the sector.

Netflix’s donation is part of a broader announcement last week to set up a $100m fund for creatives whose jobs have been affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.  Most of the funds will go towards support for the hardest hit workers on Netflix’s own productions around the world and is in addition to the two week’s pay they already committed to the crew and cast on productions that have been suspended. Netflix’s donation to Covid-19 Film and TV Emergency Relief Fund and to other organisations around the world is to provide emergency relief to out-of-work crew and cast across the broader film and television industry in the countries where the entertainment company has a large production base.




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Girls In Film Fund – Deadline March 4th

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Girls in Film and Dr. Martens stand by the belief that any woman, anywhere can take on anything, even when faced with knock backs. Read on to hear what they say about their latest film fund.


Being an independent filmmaker means that you get to follow your own path despite the challenges, and we respect that and want to support you. We seek projects that answer the question of what female strength means to you. We’re looking for projects with fleshed out characters, defined storylines and encouraging messaging.

Girls in Film Fund will accept applications from female filmmakers (minimum director & producer have to be female) with films of any genre up to 7 minutes in length. The films can be in any stage of production but have to be able to deliver to our project deadline in  July 2020.

Through this film we want to celebrate the spirit of female independence and resilience. The overarching goal of our granting program is to help ensure that important female stories and their creators are both told and heard.

Eligibility and Criteria

  • We’re providing £5,000 cash grant to 1 selected director or team.
  • Girls in Film & Dr Martens will organise a launch party for the film in August 2020.
  • Applicants must be resident of UK
  • Minimum director and producer must identify as a woman, trans or non binary womxn
  • Must be 18+ to apply
  • The film concept must be a standalone format, episodic or proof of concept are not accepted
  • Scripts & treatments need to reflect the requirements for length of the film and feasibility of delivering the film on the outlined budget and schedule
  • Additional personal finance is accepted but Dr Martens must stay the majority funder and third party funders are not accepted.


The Application

‍Each applicant will be asked to submit the following:

Team bio: information on director, producer and any other confirmed key HODs
Treatment: the story and your approach, include synopsis, director’s statement and visual approach with mood board
Itemised budget: give us as much information as possible into how you’re using the money
Schedule / post production schedule: project will be greenlit in March 2020 and need to be delivered by July 2020 – can you deliver on tight deadline?
Past work: submit samples of your past work


What are the project deadlines?
The application deadline is 4th March by midnight GMT. No submissions are accepted beyond this deadline.
The shortlisted teams will be notified by 18th March and final winner announced on 25th March after a round of shortlist interviews.

Am I eligible?
‍If you identify as a womxn or non binary and you are based in UK, you are eligible to apply. You don’t have to be citizen of UK but UK citizens based abroad are not eligible this time.

Are men allowed to work on the project? Do all-female teams have an advantage?
‍Men are welcome to work on your projects in positions determined by director and producer. All-female teams are not given preference over other teams.

I’d like to submit my script but I identify as male
‍If you are interested in working on this project as a man, you can find female-identifying director and producer and work with them on your idea. However due to subject matter, stories written from female perspective will be more suitable.

Does the film have to be centered on leading female character?
‍No, the film doesn’t have to be centered on women but it should in some way tell a female story although it can be from point of view of others.

Can the film have other funding?
‍You may supplement the grant using your personal funds as needed but majority sponsorship or funding from third parties is not allowed, Dr Martens remains the majority funder.

Does Dr Martens have to be referenced in the film?
‍While showcasing Dr Martens products is not the objective of the film, competitor product should not be obvious or visible in the final film. If you wish to use it, Dr Martens can provide product for you.

Do I own the rights to my film?
‍You will own all IP rights in your film. However, we require you to grant us permission to use, distribute, or edit the complete film for promotional purposes and distribute them on Girls in Film and Dr Martens channels.

Licenses and releases for the film
‍If there is music in your film, you are required to obtain the rights to use and/or reproduce the music in your film. At a minimum, this will require a license that includes all necessary digital, synchronisation, performance, festival and other necessary usage rights.You are required to receive a model release from all participants appearing in your film. Please avoid filming competitor logos and artwork — you may need their permission to share.

To Apply

All applications have to be submitted via FilmFreeway, after creating an account where you upload your project.  The competition is not searchable through website.
FilmFreeway has some automated submission options and not all of them are necessary to fill – so don’t worry if you don’t have all boxes filled in. Make sure you give us as much information about your project as possible and attach your treatment, budget and rough schedule.
For more terms and conditions, click here.



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The Royal Television Society opens 2020 bursary schemes – Deadline June 30th

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The Royal Television Society (RTS), Britain’s forum for television and related media, has launched its bursary scheme for 2020, further expanding opportunities and eligibility for students across the UK. This year’s scheme opened at the start of February and is accepting applications until 30 June 2020.

Available Bursaries

The RTS offers two bursary schemes (the Technology bursary and the TV Production and Journalism bursary) to talented students from low-income backgrounds, intending to pursue a career in television. Eligibility has been extended to include students taking Higher National Diplomas at level 5 or 6 in Television, Film Production, Journalism or other related subjects for the Television Production and Journalism bursary, and for relevant subjects such as Computer Science, Engineering, Maths or Physics for the Technology Bursary.

The number of bursaries offered in 2020 will reach 40 across both schemes, with STV matching its commitment from last year and generously funding 10 further bursaries for the 2020 intake.  All3Media and the Steve Hewlett Memorial Fund also contribute to the bursary schemes. To date, the RTS has 162 bursary students and graduates, with the schemes running since 2014.

Former Awardees

Of the three years of production graduates 75% are now in the industry, working with impressive companies and gaining notable credits to progress their careers. RTS Bursary Scheme alum Dean Massey works as a Camera Operator Editor at Sky News covering both foreign and domestic news stories. Some of his recent work includes Trump’s impeachment, the Australian Bush fires and tensions with Iran in the Middle East.

Theresa Wise, Royal Television Society CEO, said: “We continue to be extremely grateful for the support we receive from the industry through their generous funding and the individuals who offer their time as mentors. It is fantastic to see great creative talent such as Dean entering the industry and we look forward to continuing to grow our community of impressive students and graduates in 2020.”

Dean Massey, 2014 Intake Bursary Graduate added: “The RTS bursary scheme provided an invaluable opportunity to meet industry professionals and network. Without the scheme it would have been difficult to afford to do work experience and make the contacts I have today. It was also great to meet so many other students on the RTS bursary scheme, we all keep in contact and help each other out if we can.”

Simon Pitts, CEO of STV, said: “I met the first ten recipients of the STV bursary scheme last year and I was blown away by their enthusiasm, talent and ambition to work in the creative industries.  Expanding this fantastic opportunity to include college students was a no-brainer for us.  There’s so much talent out there and this scheme goes to the heart of STV’s diversity and inclusion aims to improve social mobility, encourage talent and provide real opportunities in areas where we need to reach new audiences to stay relevant. I’m really looking forward to spending time with the successful students at our studios.”

How to Apply

Find out more about the Television Production and Broadcast Journalism bursary and apply here.

Find out more about the Technology bursary and apply here.

The RTS Bursary Scheme submission window will open on the 1st of February 2020 and will close on the 30th of June 2020. 


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Apply for Pitch Pot Funding – Film Hub Midlands

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Film Hub Midlands want to create opportunities for audiences across the Midlands to engage with the widest range of film and in as many places as possible so their Pitch Pots are here to help.

Pitch Pots are available to help support a risk and try something new. Whether you are new to film exhibition and want to put on your first screening or an established cinema or community screen who wants to trial a new type of programming, they want to help audiences in the Midlands engage with the widest range of film in as many places as possible.

This fund is open to exhibitors throughout the year. It will close once the available funds have been awarded. Film Hub Midlands anticipate awards up to £2,000.

Download the guidelines, and Apply Now (Google Forms).

You must be a member of Film Hub Midlands to receive support, you can register now.

Past Projects

Northampton Film Festival

Northampton Film Festival 2019: Coming of Age is a pilot film festival from social enterprise film company Screen Northants. Including a committee of local young people in charge of coming up with the festival’s theme and format. Find out more

The Big Fast

Victoria Park Productions in collaboration with Birmingham Central Mosque, on Eid in 2018 held screening events headlined by the documentary “The Big Fast”. Capturing a diverse range of Muslims fasting within the Midlands. Find out more

Indie Lincs 2019

Indie-Lincs is a ’boutique’ film festival that champions low and micro budget films, and their filmmakers in Lincoln. Find out more

Read more about supported Pitch Pots


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Apply for a Film Hub Midlands Bursary

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Film Hub Midlands members can apply for bursaries for travel and attendance at training and conferences.

The bursary scheme is designed to enable staff and volunteers of member organisations to enhance their professional development for the benefit of themselves, their organisation and the wider Hub network, with the ultimate aim of broadening audiences and boosting audience choice.

We offer up to £500.00 per bursary. As this is a rolling fund there is no deadline to apply, but you are advised to apply in four weeks advance of any event.Read our guidelines below and apply now, please ensure your organisation is a member of Film hub Midlands prior to applying. More info here.

Download Bursary guidelines here.

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Creative Growth Finance Loans for Creative Businesses

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From direct investment and loans to business mentoring; Creative England champion the best ideas of talented people and their businesses. Here is a message from them about their Creative Growth loans, on offer to creative businesses:


Creative England understands the needs of SMEs, particularly those in the creative sector. We know how difficult it is to access finance from traditional sources and that in order to take your business to the next stage, you need a cash injection to make your growth plans a reality.

Creative Growth Finance Debt Fund

The Creative Growth Finance Debt Fund, in partnership with Triodos Bank UK is a £24million fund to provide vital scale up finance to the UK’s most promising creative businesses. The fund will target post revenue, IP rich SMEs, that have reached a point of scale that requires supporting finance. Finance will be directed to post-revenue creative businesses presenting promising growth potential who harness creativity in technologies, are talent led and bring change, disruption and new IP to the creative industries.

The Offer

– Loans of between £100,000 – £500,000*
– Repayment terms of between 1 – 4 years
– Flexible repayment schedules; repayments monthly, quarterly or annually
– A fixed interest rate of between 7.5% – 15% depending on the risk profile
– A 5% management fee charged on payment of the loan


To be considered for a Creative Growth Finance Loan your company must:
– be registered in the United Kingdom
– have been trading for at least two years
– have identifiable revenues and customers
– operate within the creative industries
– have minimum annual revenues of £300,000
– have at least two years of accounts filed at Companies House

To Apply

For further information and to apply, please visit our website at

To learn more about the fund and criteria for applying please read our FAQs.

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New Perspectives Documentary Film Funding – Oct 31st Deadline

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Doc Society’s New Perspectives seed fund is an international film fund supporting the development of documentary features. It focuses on issues of social justice, driven by filmmakers who exhibit a unique perspective granted by their connection to the community or issue at hand.

Doc Society recognizes we are at a time where perspective is key to capture the truth of a story. It aims to support documentary film that ignites passion and creates real impact in audiences. They also recognize it’s incredibly difficult to get started. Doc Society is excited to launch the New Perspectives Seed Fund. This will support the development of non-fiction projects by filmmakers around the world.

They are particularly looking for filmmakers who offer a rare insight of the often underrepresented and overlooked. We’re looking for those stories that break barriers and explore nuance over polarity.

By global they mean global – from London to Dallas, Charleston to Taipei, Missoula to Nairobi. They want to hear from you and support your story no matter where you are from.

Funding and Mentorship

The fund will be providing more consistent, deeper support for filmmakers. From developing their creative approach, to casting characters, to advising on additional funding opportunities – they will be mentoring filmmakers on both the development and the progress of their project. In addition to supporting established filmmakers they will be empowering the next generation of non-fiction storytellers to be brave and curious in pursuing the stories they seek to tell.

This fund supports diversity across gender, sexuality, race, regions, mixed-abilities and class. Talent from non-filmmaking communities are encouraged to apply. This is an open call for filmmakers across the globe – whether you’re in a major city or a small town. Documentary pioneers simply need to be eager to share their perspective of the world around them.

This is strictly a development fund. Grants are non recoupable from $5,000 to $20,000 with all rights retained by the filmmaker.

Who Can Apply

Directors from anywhere around the world, of any level of experience can apply. They should be working on films around issues of social justice and equity, be in the early shooting phase, or editing selects. Doc Society’s New Perspectives seed fund does not fund Art Films, Biographies, Films in mid-production, Profiles, News, Current Affairs, Fiction.

To Apply

The deadline to apply is Oct 30. Grantees will be notified by the beginning of 2020.

All Grants are offered with a mentorship component from Doc Society’s Film and Impact teams.

For more information, click here.

Apply here.



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New Shoots Film Funding – Deadline October 31st

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New Shoots is Shooting People’s film competition which aims to support filmmakers wanting to take the next step in their career. Win £1,000 in film funding, industry mentorship, filmmaking equipment, prizes and a public screening of your short in London. Shooting People members can submit to any round. Entry is free. Not a member? Join the community now at 50% off (offer ends 31 October).

There will be four rounds to the competition in 2019 with entries open in January, April, July and October. Each round winner gets mentorship and prizes. An overall winner will be announced at our awards ceremony in December and will receive an additional £1,000 of funding to go towards their next film production.

Apply to New Shoots:

  • Submission periods for each round open through January 1st – 31st; April 1st – 30th; July 1st – 31st; October 1st – 31st
  • One month after submissions close, three shortlisted films will be announced
  • Then, these three films will be sent to a filmmaking patron who will select the winning film
  • Each round winner will be screened at a New Shoots live event
  • The overall winner will be announced at our awards ceremony at the end of the year

Submissions Open: Oct 1st – 31st

For more information and to apply, click here.

New Shoots Prizes:

Awards include industry mentorship from:

  • Channel 4/Random Acts
  • Oscar Winning Producer Simon Chinn
  • Andee Ryder/Misfits Entertainment

Additional prizes are also available:

  • Zoom H4N Audio Recorder
  • Sennheiser XS Wireless Digital System, Lavalier Set (including ME2 clip-on lavalier mic + portable wireless system)
  • Sennheiser Shotgun Microphone MKE600
  • Final Draft 11 Screenwriting Software
  • A years subscription to MUBI
  • A years additional membership to SP
  • A screening of your film at Shooting People’s New Shoots event, RichMix London.

2018 Winner

Chloe White (An All Encompassing Light): “I was absolutely thrilled to be Shooting People’s winner. It’s been fantastic having my film screened in front a large audience (and making some great contacts through that), and then having some wonderful mentoring from top documentary producer Simon Chinn and production company Wildgaze. As a result of the mentoring, it’s helped me to rethink my feature and restructure my trailer. The kit was fantastic to receive and the cash is a HUGE bonus. As an independent filmmaker it’s so wonderful to have this kind of support and exposure. I’ve been a member of Shooting People since I began my career and through it, I’ve made really good friends, have taken advantage of the great discounts and heard about so many events and funding opportunities that have led to great things. Thank you!”



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