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Could your property be a filming location?

Hiring out your home or business premises as a location for TV, film and photography shoots can be a fun and interesting way to make some extra cash.

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Our database is searched by location managers, scouts and production companies from all over the world, looking for properties just like yours.

We deal with hundreds of enquiries each year from productions looking for everything from 3 bed houses to mansions with outdoor swimming pools, 16th century chapels to disused warehouses. Registering is easy and completely free! Just fill in the online form and add some photographs. We have worked with a range of productions that have used our locations database to find a location.

Recent filming in the region includes Guz Khan’s MAN LIKE MOBEEN, exclusively shot on location in Small Heath. Spielberg’s READY PLAYER ONE, filmed in the Jewellery Quarter and Digbeth. Levi David Addai’s DARK MONEY on BBC1, PEAKY BLINDERS at the Black Country Living Museum and soon to come to our screens, Steve McQueen’s SMALL AXE.

Top Tips

  • Good quality photographs are crucial. You don’t need a brilliant camera or fancy lenses – most smart phones are capable of taking great photos.
  • Wondering what to photograph? Everything! Take snaps of every space you have, from the front door to the kitchen, lounge, bathroom and back garden. Imagine you’re seeing your property for the first time. What features make it special, what’s unique about it? Which areas do you show off to your friends when they come round?
  • When taking your photos, make them landscape to show as much of each room as possible. You may have an interesting ceiling or a beautiful bookcase, but location managers, designers and directors want to see big wide shots as well as the detail.
  • Position yourself on different sides of each room to show the whole space from every angle. Use daylight rather than the flash or any other lighting to show off the natural light and make sure each room looks as it usually does – no birthday banners or Christmas trees.
  • Ensure the photographs are high res, but not so big they’re tricky to upload and view. Around 1mb per image is ideal.
  • Photographs that are out of focus, too dark or too bright or have people or pets in them won’t show your property at its best.
  • Before uploading, please name your photos, even if it’s just ‘Lounge01 or Kitchen02’.
  • When registering your property, include as much information as possible, completing all the fields on the form. Use keywords to highlight the features of your property.

Photographs that are out of focus, too dark or too bright or have people or pets in them won’t show your property at its best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my property interesting enough?

We deal with enquiries from a wide variety of productions from small scale photoshoots to Hollywood blockbusters, looking for everything from high rise tower blocks to warehouses. So while we can’t guarantee any bookings, we can say that filmmakers like a wide range of properties to choose from.

How much will I make?

There is a huge variation in how much productions will pay depending on what it is, who it’s for and what their overall budget is. On average, people can make a couple of hundredpounds for a short shoot and a few thousand for one that requires more commitment.

What happens if someone is interested in using my property?

Each production is different but typically it works like this. If someone is interested in finding out more about your property they’ll let us know. We’ll contact you and, assuming it’s something you’re interested in pursuing, the Location Scout or Location Manager will arrange to visit your property for a recce where they’ll take their own photographs.  

What’s next?

If the Location Manager thinks it will work, they’ll show the photographs to the Director and/or Designer who may also want to come and look. If it then moves to the next stage, there’ll be another recce where finer details are discussed.Filming will take place after that.

What should I ask?

Be sure to find out as much as you can when you meet the Location Manager – the name of the production, where and when it will be shown, the size of the crew and what dressing they think they will need to do.

Can I tell my friends?

Most productions will ask you to keep the details confidential until the show is broadcast. Taking photographs and/or and posting information on social media will likely jeopardise any future bookings.

How long does it take?

Some productions will want to film later that week and others a few weeks or sometimes even a few months away.

How do I prepare for a booking?

If you’ve kept any changes to your property updated on our website then not very much! Just make sure it is as it looks in the photographs and that you’ve fulfilled anything previously agreed with the Location Manager e.g. no people or pets around during filming.

Is there a contract?

The production will give you a location agreement which outlines the terms and conditions, length of hire, access date and times and other information you may have agreed in advance e.g. parking spaces left free for action cars.

How is the fee paid?

The fee agreed and paid is a financial transaction directly between location owner and production company. Film Birmingham do not get involved with any negotiation of fee and/or terms of payment.

What about insurance?

The production will have its own Public Liability Insurance. We recommend this is for a minimum of £10million and that you check this paperwork is in date before allowing anyone to film. This will cover things such as breakages.

I’ve registered my property but I can’t see it on the database?

Every location is checked and approved by Film Birmingham. Allow 72 hours for your property to go live.

Any other questions?

Please note that any booking is strictly a transaction between the property owner and the production company, unless the owner has a prior agreement with Film Birmingham to act as their representative. 

If you still have queries, or any issues uploading your information, please email us