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Climate Short Animation Film Competition presented by Climate Spring, TK-FX and Lowkey Films, in partnership with BBC Writers and in collaboration with BFI NETWORK


This newly launched Climate Short Animation Film Competition, presented by Climate Spring, TK-FX and Lowkey Films, in partnership with BBC Writers and in collaboration with BFI NETWORK, presents a unique opportunity to direct the screen industry’s creativity towards climate action, by encouraging filmmakers and creatives to envision and articulate a world where sustainability and regeneration are the norm.

This joint initiative will award the winning project with a total production budget of £30k and further in-kind production and climate advisory support.

The award is backed by two funds: TK-FX Animation Fund has been set up to bridge the experience gap between early stage and experienced CG directors, with a view to develop talent in the space. Climate Spring’s new World Building programme (part of Climate Spring’s Development Funds), brings together screen industry partners to harness the power of film and TV storytelling to respond to the climate crisis by visualising the solutions.

Lowkey production company will partner with TK FX to support the winning team with the production of the short film.

The competition jury will be joined by actor, writer and director Alex Lawther, who is active on climate change as a creative and as a campaigner.

As part of Climate Spring’s ongoing work in identifying and supporting impactful climate stories with potential to be developed into mainstream film and TV content, this animation short film competition seeks to incentivise screen industry creatives to visualise climate stories that move away from doom narratives, to narratives that show the way through and out of the climate crisis. Participants are encouraged to leverage the storytelling tools of animation to craft narratives set in a future where climate challenges have been confronted, paving the way for a regenerative society. Stories may also highlight existing climate solutions and foster a broader understanding of their implementation and impact on society.


The competition is open to writer/directors or a team of a writer and a director, all of whom must be over the age of 18, not in full time education, and is open to applicants based anywhere in the world.

Projects must be submitted in English. Projects must not be subject to a contractual agreement with a production company, but can be under consideration by a production company. Projects selected or shortlisted in other programmes by BBC and BFI Network are eligible to submit.


Applicants will submit information about themselves and the proposed project. Projects will be assessed by the organisers and shortlisted. Shortlisted applicants will have an interview with a panel of judges and will be asked to submit additional materials regarding the production. The successful project will work with TK FX & Lowkey Films to produce their project, with a total budget of £30k with further in-kind production support. Climate Spring will organise an online workshop with world builders and futurists to explain and explore what regenerative and sustainable worlds will look like. Climate Spring will also provide ongoing expert advice to the winning team as they make their production.


“Climate Change is a crisis of the imagination”, wrote Amitav Gosh. All of the solutions to climate change already exist. We do not need any major new technological innovation. What we lack is a sense of agency that change is possible, and beneficial, in fact is already underway.

We need the adoption of climate solutions at scale and rapidly. What is preventing us from adopting these solutions is a lack of understanding of what they are, and what adoption would mean for normal people. What would our cities and our lives look and feel like if we meaningfully address climate change and move to a regenerative future?

What is regenerative? Addressing the climate and nature crisis doesn’t just mean reducing our pollution, it also means healing the damage already caused and creating flourishing conditions for biodiversity and people. The climate and nature crisis are symptoms of the way in which we power our economy. Changing that changes the root causes of the crisis.

UN science tells us that the adoption of climate solutions would not just reduce climate impacts but would be beneficial for our health and wellbeing.

They are looking for ideas that harness the World Building super powers of animation to depict and show what a world without fossil fuels would look like – what a regenerative future would feel like living in in the near future.

The story does not need to talk about climate or environmental issues, but needs to be set in a world in which we have responded to the climate and nature crisis, and have moved away from fossil fuels and harmful industrial practices towards regenerative practices.


  • Length of film: 1-3mins
  • Environments / locations: 1 or 2 distinct environments
  • Characters: Two (max)
  • Full CG Animation


Applicants will need to submit a draft script, synopsis, moodboard/artistic vision, professional CV and alongside a sample of completed work for each member of the team. This can be any filmed work, live action or animation.

Please submit your applications by 29th February via this application form.


  • Applications will open on 9th January 2024 and close on 29th February 2024.
  • Interviews will be held w/c 25 March 2024.
  • The winner will be announced at the end of March 2024.
  • They expect the short film to then be delivered by March 2025 at the latest.


If you have any questions regarding please email


Full terms and conditions are available here


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