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Women in Film and TV: Four Nations Mentoring Scheme 2024

The mentoring programme is designed for women looking to take a significant step in their career. WFTV have four dedicated regions that our schemes cover: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Drama producer and 2023 mentee Claire Russell has described the mid-career scheme as “Outstanding! It’s hard to find the words. It has been amazing, inspirational, uplifting, life-changing!

You are eligible to apply for this scheme if you have five (Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland) or seven (England) years’ experience or more in the film and TV industry. As well as the input of a mentor you will also benefit from a series of seminars, training sessions and peer-to-peer feedback designed to boost your confidence, enhance your skills and give you ongoing support.

WFTV Mentoring scheme purpose

  1. Empower and boost mid-career women.
  2. Give skills, increase profile and confidence.
  3. Help overcome a career obstacle or challenge.
  4. Create courageous inspirational leaders.
  5. Launch and maintain women in the highest echelons of the industry.

What makes the WFTV scheme unique

  • Industry leading mentors guiding their mentees.
  • Unique peer-to-peer mentoring and training.
  • Learn skills and techniques.
  • Life coaching.
  • Lifelong network.

Who WFTV want to help

  • Mid-career women – England 7+ years experience.
  • The scheme is about progressing and growing in your career, not starting again or figuring out what you want to do.
  • The scheme is about building a professional cohort who will pay it side-ways, backwards, and forwards. They do not want people who will take and not give back.
  • Each cohort is choses not just on the basis of the individual, but also of the make up of the group to make it the most diverse in terms of roles and genres.

Advice for the application form

You can apply via the application form HERE.

  • Read all the questions in advance and think through before answering.
  • Don’t write War & Peace!
  • Not too little, not too much, just the right amount!
  • Be honest, write from the heart.
  • Many people find the exercise of completing the form starts to help with career transformation.

Key dates

  • Applications open – Thursday 6 July, 10:00
  • Information webinar – Thursday 6 July, 13:00 – 14:00
  • Applications close – Monday 11 September, 17:00

If you want to find out more about the scheme you can watch their mentor producers in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales talking about the scheme here, or you can attend an online session on 6th July to hear from Sarah Wright, their Director of Mentoring, and WFTV’s CEO Katie Bailiff. For Mentoring Scheme FAQs, please head here.

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