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Mark Milsome Foundation

The Mark Milsome Foundation is inspired by the achievements, character and unique nature of our respected friend and colleague, Mark Milsome, who was killed whilst filming a car stunt in Ghana 18th November 2017.

As a charitable organisation, they encourage and support young people whom they believe display the qualities needed to thrive in the British Film and Television industry. The Foundation look for evidence of genuine passion and a strong work ethic from young people before considering anyone to be deserving of support or scholarships in Mark’s name. The Foundation help a successful applicants overcome the challenges of finding work experience, mentorship and eventual employment in an industry that is traditionally difficult to access without the benefit of insider contacts.

With regards to the nature of Mark’s death, they are determined to educate and promote modern Health and Safety practice and to evolve in a way that best serves the scholars, the Film and Television Industries and the memory of Mark Milsome.

What is Mark’s Gift?

Every year, on Mark’s birthday, the Foundation gifts £2,000 to someone they believe Mark would have wanted to support. In Mark’s 60th birthday this year, they hope to provide the opportunity to apply to a larger group of individuals including those that are not known to them. To be eligible for the gift, applicants must be starting their career in film and TV, have a keen interest in the camera department and have a specific film project in mind that they are seeking funding for.

How to apply

If you are interested and think that you might meet the application criteria, please email with:

  • Your complete application form
  • Your up-to-date CV
  • 500 words about yourself, why you think you would be a good recipient for Mark’s Gift, and some details about what the money would go towards.

The deadline to submit your application is 30 September, 2023.

If you’re having trouble accessing the application form, please email expressing your interest.

Once you have applied, if they think you fit their criteria, the Mark Milsome Foundation will be in touch later on down the line to request further materials relating to your application.

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