The Jack And Ada Beattie Foundation is offering help to those affected by Covid-19 across London and Birmingham. The Foundation was founded in 2011 by notable Brummie and advertising executive  Trevor Beattie, and assists causes with an aim to  “fight against inequality in all its forms, and proudly display the Beattie family trait of defiance in the face of adversity.” In its history it has provided grants to individuals and organisations with needs and aspirations falling under the theme of dignity, freedom and sanctuary.

Those impacted by the coronavirus pandemic may be eligible for the Tons of Help Fund.


Tons of Help Fund

  • The Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation is launching ‘Tons of Help From Jack and Ada’ to support the most in need, affected by coronavirus across London and Birmingham.
  • Grants of £100 for individuals to support essential and basic needs.
  • The foundation commits to funding this programme. However, if other donors would like to support a grant – the foundation can direct your support to a case (and update you on the case study details).
  • Recipients will remain anonymous and their personal details never be published across any of the Foundation’s marketing or to donors. Although case stories will be published on our website/twitter.

Why £100?

  • £100 is more than anyone, no matter their circumstance will receive per week on Universal Credit.
  • £100 is the most common amount sought from a payday lender – over half of payday loans go on essential and basic expenditure such as grocery shopping.
  • £100 covers the average weekly grocery spend of a household of two adults.
  • £100 covers the average monthly energy; water and broadband bills of a household, combined.

To apply, individuals are asked to email: their name; geographical location and a short summary of their circumstances. No intrusive application form; no repayment needed. Find out more here.


Other Jack And Ada Beattie Foundation initiatives

Bank of Mum And DadInterest-free, charges-free, bank-free loans for people who need them most. 12 months to pay back. And the sooner the loan is paid back, the sooner it can be passed on to someone else in need of dignified financial help. Find out more here.

Grant Programme: The funding priorities for charities and individuals are Dignity; Freedom and Sanctuary. These are aimed at small, but important battles. Backing achievable ambitions. Assisting the vulnerable and marginalised facing social injustice and inequality. Find out more here.


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