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Kids and Familes Wanted for ITV Series

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The team behind the prime time ITV series ‘How to Spend it Well at Christmas with Phillip Schofield’ is on the hunt for new faces for this year’s series! The show, which had an average audience of 3.5 million, has been recommissioned for a second series and the following invitation has been extended to the public:

The programme is a seasonal consumer show, in which Phillip Schofield invites celebrity guests, experts, and members of the public to help him conduct a series of inventive tests and experiments using a selection of presents and products available for Christmas 2018.

We are in the early stages of production, and are currently looking for some fun kids and families to take part in the series! If you are interested in taking part in some of the trials all we would need is a quick video of which we can show to our producers.

The video should include the following:
*             Introduction – Name, age & where you’re from (town)
*             Toy or Gadget Review –  Why is it their favourite toy/Gadget? Maybe a little demo (if applicable)?
*             Christmas 2018 – What new toys they are excited about / their dream toy? Why they are excited about it?

If you are a family applying please film the following:
*             A short introduction of the family members – Names, ages & where you’re from (town)
*             Each person tell us what you would like for Christmas.

Please don’t worry about the quality of the video, it can just be recorded on your phone and emailed across to myself. It also doesn’t need to be long, roughly 1 minute. If you have any issues with the file size you can use a free service called WeTransfer (

Please email your video to

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Spend it Well Team