ITV’s latest crime series, DI Ray, follows a homicide detective working on a murder investigation in Birmingham.

Written by Line of Duty writer Maya Sondhi and executive producer Jed Mercurio, the four-part series aired on 2 May on ITV at 9pm. Actress and screenwriter Maya Sondhi was born and raised from Birmingham.

With the show having been filmed in Birmingham, many recognisable locations throughout the city will feature in the series.

What is DI Ray about?

DI Ray is a four-part crime drama that follows the story of Birmingham police officer DI Rachita Ray, who finds herself working on her first homicide case. Bend It Like Beckham actress Parminder Nagra will lead the cast of the highly-anticipated series, which has been made by Jed Mercurio’s production company, HTM Television.

When DI Rachita Ray, played by Nagra, finally receives a promotion she’s wanted for ages, she discovers it is “culturally specific” and is left wondering if she was assigned based on her merit, or her ethnicity.

The series follows Ray as she works hard to track down the killer, finding herself uncovering the murky side of Birmingham’s criminal underworld.

The series explores racism in the workplace, dealing with microaggressions and asks important questions about what it’s like to be British but feel, “other”.

Where is DI Ray filmed?

DI Ray is set in the midlands, with much of the series being filmed in Birmingham city centre. Film crews were spotted by fans in October and November 2021 in locations across the city including Snow Hill station car park and Livery Street.

Some of the confirmed filming locations include:

Three Snow Hill

Film crews were spotted outside the landmark office block Three Snow Hill opposite the Lloyd House police station. Filming took place at the busy city centre location, which is near the Children’s hospital and Gun Quarter, in October 2021.

Snow Hill station car park

Film crews were also spotted around the corner in Snow Hill station car park, filming scenes on top of the multi-story building.

St. Paul’s Square

The last remaining Georgian square in Birmingham, St Paul’s Square is located in the Jewellery Quarter and named after the church in its centre. Filming occured in this leafy section of the city in November 2021.

Ludgate Hill car park

Film crews were seen filming at another car park – this time Ludgate Hill, which is located around the corner from Paul’s Square in the Jewellery Quarter.

Livery Street

Scenes were also spotted being filmed in Livery Street, which is located within the city’s Soho & Jewellery Quarter.

Speaking about the new drama ahead of its release, DI Ray writer Maya Sondhi, who was born in Birmingham, said: “This project is deeply personal for me as a British Asian Brummie woman. It’s only in the past ten years or so I’ve really been able to truly embrace my heritage.

Speaking on the show, producer Jed Mercurio shared: “I felt that the blend of the identity crisis story, the heritage conflict story, alongside a police procedural could be developed into something that would stand a very good chance of getting on a mainstream channel.

“We were incredibly fortunate that ITV responded to the material with so much support.

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