Apply for the John Brabourne Awards – Deadline January 31

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The Film and Television Charity has opened its latest round of applications for The John Brabourne Awards (JBAs).

The JBAs is a talent development programme providing financial assistance up to £5000 to individuals working in the film and television industries. The JBAs are a stepping stone for individuals who are talented and driven, but who face hurdles in
developing their career.

Difficulties faced by John Brabourne Awards recipients in recent years have included lack of finances, accident, illness, or personal circumstances preventing time or ability to work. You can apply using the charity’s online application, or contact them with additional queries. The deadline is 31 January, 2019.

The Application Process

To increase your chances of success, The Film and Television Charity advises you to read the guidelines before applying and closely follow the submission instructions.

The main elements of the John Brabourne Awards application are listed below:

  • The reasons why you are applying for funding
  • Your employment history
  • Your personal financial details
  • A budget of how you will spend the money if successful
  • Details of any financial shortfall and how you would intend to meet it
  • Your commitment and passion for your chosen field
  • Two industry referees
  • A portfolio of previous work or key industry achievements

Your application must be submitted by midnight of 31 January. Then, you will receive a notification when your application has been received and is being assessed.

The John Brabourne Awards shortlist

The Film and Television Charity reviews every application, including supporting material, and assesses how useful its support will be. This is based on how well you demonstrate the following within your application:

  • Your talent for your chosen field
  • Your financial need, and the difficulties this presents in you progressing
  • The strength of your strategy to succeed in your chosen career

The more specific the presentation of these three elements, the stronger your application will be. The applications which stand out are those where we get a sense of who you are – both personally and professionally.

We’re interested in your journey to date, why you have chosen your particular path to progress, and why working in the Film and TV industry is important to you. There are two rounds of the John Brabourne Awards each year -the next one will be 31 July.



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