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The Complete the ScreenSkills Employer Survey is important if you or your organisation is an employer within the UK screen industries. Your input in this survey is vital to help ScreenSkills produce a clear picture of the state of the sector and help address skills needs and inclusion challenges. ScreenSkills is also including freelancers who recruit teams, such as talent managers. The survey is part of ScreenSkills’ new Skills Forecasting Service which published its first findings earlier this month. It is designed to build a strong evidence base for action on skills and training. Please complete the survey by Friday 25 January. ScreenSkills will publish the findings in the spring.

Complete the survey here.

ScreenSkills’ Chief Executive Officer Seetha Kumar says: “We are encouraging the whole industry to take part in the ScreenSkills Employer Survey… This will help employers plan and help us to target investment where it is most needed… We are already working closely with our colleagues in the screen industries on skills and training. But if we are going to address skills gaps effectively and diversify the talent pool, we all need a better understanding of the state of the workforce.”

Val Ames, Director of Production, Kindle Entertainment, and Co-chair of the Children’s Skills Council, said: “I will be filling in the Screen Skills Employer Survey because I recognise the importance of having the right talent in our industry and how training is key to ensuring that is the case.  As co-chair of the Children’s Skills Council, I also want to have children’s television properly represented in the findings.”

Christine Healy, Head of Production, New Pictures, and Chair, High-end TV Skills Council, said: “The success of high-end television production at the moment is putting pressures on the industry and it is important to understand those pressures in some detail… so we can do something about them and plan for the future. All companies and employers should find the time for the survey when it is released.”

Iain Smith, Chairman and MD, Applecross Productions, and Chair, Film Skills Council, said: “I would encourage all employers to fill in the ScreenSkills Employer Survey to provide as much information on skills needs as possible. Our skilled workforce has been one of the driving forces of inward investment and making sure we continue to have the worker’s industry needs is critical.”

Complete the Survey here.

Source: ScreenSkills

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