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Patrick Baladi
Saskia Butler
David Proud
David Sterne
Sean Connolly
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A brutally touching narrative about homelessness and mental illness.

N.F.A (No Fixed Abode) had its premier screening at the 88th Edinburgh International Film Festival and has received outstanding 4 star reviews.

NFA is a psychological drama about Adam (Patrick Baladi) who has a good job, nice house, a beautiful wife and little girl. After his delightfully quiet birthday celebration with just the three of them, Adam bids his daughter and wife good night, unaware of the consequences falling asleep would bring into his life. It is immediately clear something is very wrong when Adam wakes to find himself in a hostel with no memory of how he got there. He knows his name but lacks any sort of identification proving he is whom he says.

A trip to the police station proves useless as officers look down in disgust at a man they presume to have drunk too much the night before and tossed out by his wife. As flashbacks periodically afflict his mind like migraine lightening, Adam fights to maintain control of his fleeting psyche. It’s like a nightmare where you just can’t wake yourself up. One moment you are on the top of the world and the next you find yourself at a loss for where your life has disappeared to.

Filmed entirely at locations in Birmingham.

  • Director: Steve Rainbow
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