Uncertain Kingdom has remarked that in 2019, Britain will be on the brink of a momentous new decade. The 2020’s will see the making or breaking of nations, unions and the Earth itself. However given the long lead times on features, they believe the filmmaking community could miss out on a chance to engage and comment.

To bypass this, the group is using short films – with faster turnaround, lower budgets and greater creative freedom- to ensure filmmakers can contribute to the conversation. The Uncertain Kingdom will give 20 filmmaking teams up to £10k each to make a short film. These films must be entertaining, original and relevant to the UK in 2019. Whether political or personal, macro or micro, all of the films must give a bright flash of insight into how the filmmakers see the UK now.

The Uncertain Kingdom is aimed at experienced filmmaking and storytelling teams with confidently executed, accomplished work under their belts. Up to ten teams will be selected via an open application. Filmmakers have final cut, with the Uncertain Kingdom team having minimal involvement in script development and the edit. There’s no training element to the project, so candidates need to be confident they can deliver. Producers and directors must have completed at least one short film (together as a team or individually). If you have significant experience in theatre, TV, artist moving image or other area of storytelling and you have an idea for a film, your application is welcome.

The Uncertain Kingdom is an inclusive project and actively encourages applications from people of all backgrounds. If you are a filmmaker with an idea, please read the Uncertain Kingdom’s guidelines. Please also get in touch if you have any queries. Applications open on Monday 14th January 2019 and close at midnight on Sunday 3rd February.

Source: theuncertainkingdom.co.uk


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