On Easter Sunday 17th April 2022 Midlands Movies Editor Michael Sales and BBC Radio Presenter Ed Stagg announced the nominations for the 2022 Midlands Movies Awards via a Facebook live stream. A big thanks was given to the entire Jury Panel who gave up their precious time to watch a huge selection of over 100 films and had such a difficult time choosing from the excellent number of films from the region. The panel is headed up by Steve Oram who will be deciding the winner of the Best Short category. It also comprises key industry representatives including Denyce Blackman (from Film Birmingham), Mark Woodyatt (Mark & Me podcast), Natasha Wilson (Film Hub Midlands), Kelly Jeffs (CEO Lighthouse Cinema), Tim Coleman (Film writer) & Mike Sales (Midlands Movies).

You can read the full list of nominations across all 16 categories below and watch our announcement videos via Facebook (Part 1 here & Part 2 here):

Best Documentary

The Art of Oppression by Patricia Francis

Layers by Lee Page and Micquel Wright

Neilation by Brian Harley

From the End of the Road by Ben Crawford


Best Actress in a Leading Role

Lizzie Clarke for Ned & Me

Carmella Corbett for Her Majesty

Janet Etuk for Cold

Esther McCormick for Rudy

Beatrice Allen for The Heart Asunder


Best Animated Film

Emily the Little Match Girl by Matt Hickinbottom

Fires of Serenity by James Pyle

Treasure by Samantha Moore


Best Director

Rebekah Fortune for Her Majesty

Shona Auerbach for Rudy

Philip Stevens for Lapwing

Lorna Nickson Brown for Ned & Me

Claire Coaché & Lisle Turner for Cold


Best Sound (Editing or Mixing)

James Foster for Wrong Way Up

Stephen Theofanous for Repeat

Keith Tinman for The Fort

Matthew Jones & Susan Pennington for Lapwing

Andrei Korotkov for iHands – A Life Less Lived


Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Edward Crook for Finger Prick

Yoni Nadav for Doghouse

Frank Terry for Loneliness

Craig J Simons for Perdition

Andrew Readman for Tales of Creeping Death


Best Visual Effects

Mike Choo for A Change in Time

Richard Miller & his team for Repeat

Gary Pollard for Tales of the Creeping Death

Jake Jay Eden for September, October, November

James Millar and Phil Chapman for Swine


Best Cinematography

Gary Rogers for Fixed

Haridas Stewart for Her Majesty

Jonathan Zaurin for Wyvern Hill

Christian Cole for A Personal Errand


Best Costume & Makeup & Hairstyling

Dhea Nurrafa for Exiled: The Chosen Ones

Ben Errington for Wyvern Hill

Stephanie Harrison & Zoe Graham for Her Majesty

James Millar, Phil Chapman, Keira Miller & Kaz Preston for Swine

Pauline Loven, Samantha Chapman and Jane Hyman for Lapwing


Best Actor in a Leading Role

Dylan Llewellyn for Finger Prick

Nicholas Clarke for Fixed

Manpreet Bachu for Slave to the Page

Sonny Michael Chohan for Two and a Half Minutes

Charles O’Neill for You Are My Sunshine


Best Editing

James Millar for Swine

Lisa Rustage for Stained Canvas

Guy Nicholls for Who Said Love Is Dead

Daniel Harden for A Personal Errand

Anthony M. Winson for Children of Darkwood House


Best Music (Score or song)

Lee Gretton for Lapwing

Matthew Hickinbottom for Emily the Little Match Girl

Elizabeth Purnell for Treasure

Danny Rowe for September, October, November

Mike Riley for Foul Play


Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Nina Wadia for Repeat

Chrissie Wunna for Stained Canvas

Laura Rollins for Fortune Cookie

Alice Knights in Rudy

Barbara Marten in Her Majesty


Best Feature

Rudy by Shona Auerbach

Tales of the Creeping Death by John Williams

Repeat by Richard Miller

Fixed by Jez Alsop

Lapwing by Philip Stevens

Cold by Claire Coaché and Lisle Turner


Best Writing (Original/adapted)

Gary Cattell for The Morality of Lying

Lizzie Clarke for Ned & Me

Laura Turner for Lapwing

Wayne Nelson for Loneliness

Carmela Corbett for Her Majesty


Best Short Film

September, October, November by Charis McRoberts & Ruth Mestel

Slave to the Page by Ravi Ghelani

Ned & Me by Lorna Nickson Brown

A Change in Time by Pat Knight

Her Majesty by Rebekah Fortune

Treasure by Samantha Moore

Doghouse by Craig J Simons

Fortune Cookie by Georgia Hampson


Source: www.midlandsmovies.com

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