The British Film Designers Guild (BFDG) are thrilled to announce the launch of their Mentoring Programme in partnership with the ScreenSkills Mentoring Network which is supported by the BFI, awarding National Lottery funds as part of its Future Film Skills strategy. The programme is being launched in response to increasingly raised concerns regarding a shortfall in talent and the relentless need to fill Art Department vacancies, resulting in many working beyond their skillset.

In a recent open letter to the Art Department, the BFDG Committee stated, “The UK is so busy, we need to mentor each other. We need Senior Guild members to offer their knowledge, experience to guide the UK Art Department, so when we are judged, the standards and skills so prized and admired in the past, are still evident and continue to flourish today and into the future.”

The BFDG Mentoring Programme is designed for all members of the Guild to participate in whether they are a junior member looking for advice and guidance or a more senior member with years of industry experience to pass on. The scheme continues the BFDG’s commitment to maintaining excellence within, and raising the profile of the Art Department.

Being a Mentee

We are calling for applications from Guild members who feel they could benefit from the added guidance that a mentor can bring. Mentors can offer support in focusing on a specific goal or challenge, and career development strategies. They can be your personal cheerleader, encouraging and championing your progression. All we ask from our mentees is that you have at least one credit to your name, and have a clear understanding of your career path within the Art Department.

If you are a student member, please note that we do run quarterly peer mentoring surgeries which we are delighted to welcome you to. You can also join our Facebook group specifically for Students and Junior Art Department members, to stay in the loop for all the relevant information, and connect with others at a similar level. Keep an eye on our events listings for more information.

About the BFDG

The BFDG strive to maintain standards and create a more diverse and inclusive workforce within the British Art Department, and truly believe that mentoring is one way to do that. We also hope this programme will lead to opportunities for underrepresented groups to develop within the industry, and help to nurture developing talent as it progresses through the ranks. This links to three of our core values:

  • Promoting best practices, maintaining standards and encouraging departmental excellence
  • Mentoring, supporting and celebrating the individuals that work in the Art Department
  • Welcoming and nurturing the next generation of Art Department professionals

Applications for the scheme close on 26 September.

Further information about the scheme can be found here.




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