UK community cinemas No Planet B (London), Caribbean Pop Up Cinema (Birmingham) and Sea/Film (Scarborough) are delighted to announce their collaboration on a special online screening event taking place in August 2020: WAVES

A wave is a form of affection and greeting, a valuable gesture in our current times. But waves are also what define and shape the movement of the sea. This project aims to bring people together, to think about and celebrate the sea, and how it both separates and joins us.


About the Project

Waves is a new collaborative environmental film event devised by No Planet B, London, Sea/Film, Scarborough and Caribbean Pop-Up Cinema, Birmingham. It is a special online event comprising of three parts; an online screening event of short films and presentations, a digital zine and a community-made film, all celebrating and exploring the theme of waves and how the sea connects us.

Martha Cattell of sea/film says: ‘Waves offers a great opportunity to create new partnerships with other community film organisations, and bring together new audiences and ideas in the process.’

Denyce Blackman of Caribbean Pop-Up Cinema says: “The Caribbean has a special relationship with the sea. The blue of the waves feature on island flags and form a vital part of Caribbean livelihoods, and West Indians of the Windrush generation traveled by sea to begin new lives in the UK. We invite everyone in the Caribbean diaspora to join this project which celebrates this significant part of our story.

Julia Brow of No Planet B says: ‘The oceans are integral to our life on Earth. Nearly half the global population depends on marine and coastal biodiversity for their livelihoods. We are looking forward to engaging with audiences with this new creative project that explores both our interconnectedness with the sea and with each other.’


How to Get Involved

Zine Contributions: You can contribute to the community zine via submitting your work around the theme of waves, from poetry, art, photography, writing, histories here.

WAVES will be publishing the Zine as a free PDF and every contributor will receive a copy of their published work. Rules for contributions: Writing 550 words or less, the deadline for submissions is August 9th.

Video Contributions: Have you taken a clip of the sea whilst on holiday, or do you live by water? WAVES are creating a unified and continuous wave, so need your help via short clips of waves, 30 sec or less which will be edited together. Submit your video clips here. 

Attend the Screening: Details of the screening will be announced once confirmed, on the groups’ social media pages and newsletters (see social media links below).

Zine Call Out: WAVES

Images and Artwork: submissions of photos, a drawing/painting of waves and an image or set of imges, with maybe a small piece of text accompanying it, explaining the view depicted/your thoughts on the view. The description can be in the poetry or prose and may even just be a caption. Image or set of images + suggested word count: 250.

Creative Writing: Writing and poetry on waves, interpret how you like! Suggested word count: 500.

Non-Fiction Writing: Is there some waves from a film, a memory or history that have interested you or even the science behind oceans/rivers? Text word count: 500.

​This zine will form part of a collective project on the theme of waves; it will explore different ways of looking and depicting the same topic. WAVES want this project to be as accessible and inclusive as possible, so please email us with any questions or suggestions.  They will be producing an online version of the zine, which will be free to download and sent to all participants.


Film Call Out: WAVES

30 second or less clips of waves, maybe you live by the sea, from a past holiday, a clip someone sent you, or even a brief animation!


Video and Zine Submissions

Anyone can contribute to the zine or with video. Submissions are welcome from contributors of different ages and geographical locations.

Submit your work using this form: 

Deadline for submissions is August 9th.

Email any questions to

WAVES want this project to be as accessible and inclusive as possible, so please email them with any questions or suggestions.


Stay Connected

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Sea/Film: FacebookTwitterInstagram or visit our website.

Caribbean Pop-Up Cinema: TwitterFacebook and Instagram


The project is kindly supported by Cinema for All and BFI





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