Birmingham Filmmaker Duaine Carma Roberts discusses his new project ‘NAVY’

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Birmingham Updates sat down with up and coming Birmingham filmmaker Duaine Carma Roberts, of CarmaFilm Motion Pictures, to discuss his newest project – Navy – and how you can lend your support to help get it made. Read the transcript below:

I am a Black British screenwriter and film director from Birmingham. Since the age of 18, I have self-funded my own short and feature films, showcasing actors from my city and the rest of the UK, focusing on non-stereotypical themes and genres, within my films.

The film I’m currently crowdfunding for is called Navy. It is a coming-of-age drama, that follows a young singer from Birmingham. The supporting actors will also be Midlands and from a few other cities around us. The story follows the young singer on their journey to their first show on their debut UK tour. Whilst preparing, we see how they deal with family, relationships, systematic barriers and much more.

I’m 25 now and for the past 7 years I’ve made various self-funded shorts and last year, a feature film, showcasing a lot of talent from our region. I think it’s very important, as a lot of our talent have to leave the city, in hopes of finding opportunities. I feel as the second city, we should have way more films and TV series being made here, as the talent is endless, as I’ve come to see over my years making films. The short films are available via and the feature film is called Angel City, which is on Amazon Prime, for free, with Prime.

I managed to save around £3,000 of my own money to make the feature film and although we had a successful premiere and it’s now on Amazon Prime, I know that a few more grand would have helped a lot with promotion, actors and the overall quality of the film. I still will put my own funds towards my new feature film, but I’m hoping to raise at least £10,000 through crowdfunding on GoFundMe, just so I can create the best story possible and allow for a few screenings across the country, once the film is made.

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