Latest Covid-19 updates and guidance for exhibitors and venues

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Published 17/03/2020

The Bigger Picture has published a summary of guidance for film exhibitors and venues in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Read it below:


The UK Cinema Association has issued the following statement on the current situation with regard to the outbreak of Coronavirus/COVID-19:

‘Mindful of the latest scientific advice from the Government, the coming days will see the closure of most UK cinema sites.

The priority now is to ensure that the thousands who work in the sector, many of them young people, are helped during what will be an exceptionally challenging period for them, and that cinema venues across the country are supported to overcome what for many will represent an unprecedented challenge to their existence.’

The Association’s priority at the moment is ensuring that the support above is put in place. It will be making no further statement at this time.

Here are some resources that venues and exhibitors might find useful in this ever-changing situation:

18th March 2020

17th March 2020




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