Birmingham Young Filmmakers Network (BYFN) for 16-21 yo Creatives

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Birmingham Young Filmmakers Network is here to connect, empower and equip young creatives with the aim of supporting tomorrows filmmakers. You can join them at the first meet up of the BYFN at the Mockingbird Cinema at the Custard Factory on 19th August 17:00-20:00 BST.

About Birmingham Young Filmmakers Network

The BYFN wants young people (16-21 years old) who want to meet like minded people to give themselves the opportunity to create and grow. We want to help foster a strong filmmaking community with the aim of helping each other to realise their potential. Their partners, The Mockingbird Cinema is also kindly offering FREE STUDENT MEMBERSHIPS which includes a free film. After facilitating on programmes with young creatives, BYFN have realised that to access filmmaking courses, workshops or groups they often come with a cost that can often be out of reach for many young people who are interested in finding out more, wanting some experience or just want a taster before they make the leap to committing to a university course.

BYFN wants to ensure that every passionate young creative can form a network of like minded peers so that they can lift each other up, collaborate on projects and build their portfolio of work so they can be on a level playing field to compete for jobs and opportunities in the future. If have work you want to showcase please contact

How will BYFN work?

Initially they want to work collaboratively with you to find out what your needs are. They want to hold regular meet ups at the Mockingbird Cinema where you will be able to showcase your work, receive feedback if you wish and network with others. You may be an aspiring director and need an editor, or a scriptwriter wanting to workshop ideas with actors, or even a musician or a make up artist up for a challenge. BYFN are aiming to help you grow your network so that you can take ideas and make them reality through pooling your resources. They want you to let us know what information you need, such as funding, securing locations, permissions for music, etc and we will deliver that too you.

As the network grows, we aim to get professionals in to give talks and run workshop and we always aim to make this free. In the long term we aim to work on group projects alongside you, but that’s all in the long term….we’ll get there together.

In this first meeting they will:

  • Share information about opportunities
  • A space to showcase your work and receive feedback
  • Deliver information/workshops that are helpful to young filmmakers
  • A space to network with other young creatives with the aim of fostering collaboration
  • Hear from you about what support you want/need

Who they want to meet

This is for 16-21 year olds from Birmingham who want to gain experience and knowledge about filmmaking or wants to meet like minded and motivated young people. You may have a role in mind or you may want to explore your options.

  • Directors
  • Screenwriters
  • Editors
  • Producers
  • Actors
  • Camera operators/Cinematographers
  • Musicians/Music producers
  • Stylists
  • Make up artists
  • And any other enthusiastic and motivated people!

How to register

Register free for the first BYFN meetup here.  If have work you want to showcase please contact




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