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Scruffy Dog Group – Global Creative Services has opened applications for the position of Creative Workshop Manager. Please see their details below.

Job Title:

Creative Workshop Manager

Reports to:

Production Manager / Project Manager

Job Purpose:

Position is responsible for planning and controlling the manufacturing process within designated department(s) at Scruffy Dog Group. Responsible for culture setting, strategic planning, balancing capacity to demand, monitoring and scheduling of staff and work operations in the department in a safe, quality oriented, and efficient manner. Also responsible for employment decisions, reviews, back to work interviews, absence and performance monitoring and overall development of department associates. Strong emphasis on industry related production methods is essential.

Project specific duties:

Evaluate the manufacturing process and give direction as needed. Ensure processes follow Safe, Quality, Manufacturing Practices and Procedures.
Review product specifications and process. Inspect product to verify conformance to specifications.
Study production schedules with the Projects Teams and estimate employee hour requirements. Establish or adjust work procedures to meet production schedules.
Recommend measures to improve production methods, equipment performance, and quality of product.
Suggest changes in working conditions and use of equipment to increase efficiency of production department or operatives.
Evaluate needs and requirements for new products or processes.
Manage departmental support staff to achieve agreed objectives.
Maintain time and production records.
Initiate or suggest plans to motivate employees to achieve goals.
Interpret and enforce company policies, safety regulations and quality methods to supervisors and operatives.
Analyze and resolve work related issues/problems/complaints, and/or assist Operational Managers in solving work related issues/problems/complaints.
Confer with Production and Project Managers to coordinate activities of individual departments and communicate with both internal and external customers.

Qualifications, Knowledge & Experience Essential:

You must be flexible and versatile, able to work with imagination and ingenuity.
You need to be creative and have problem-solving skills, and must be open to new ideas, and to learn new skills and techniques.
The ability to work to external deadlines, under your own initiative, is essential, as is an eye for detail and accuracy.
Work as part of the larger department, and at times as part of a team, you must have good communication skills and enjoy interacting with others.
As you can work with hazardous equipment and materials, an in-depth understanding of the requirements of the relevant health and safety legislation and procedures is vital to the role.
You should have a wide knowledge of industry standard materials and techniques mould making, laminating, paint and scenic treatments, sculpting, carpentry, CNC, the ability to work with a variety of different machinery and tools.
Possible work abroad for short durations.
Good interpersonal and communication skills.
A helpful, positive and flexible approach.
Energetic and resilient.

Other desirable skills:

Driving licence
Computer literate
Experience with Solid Works software/production methods
Experience on CNC machinery
Theme park/ theatre/ film experience
Basic Animatronics/ engineering principles
PU applications

Note: This Job Description reflects the current situation at Scruffy Dog Group. It does not preclude change or development that might be required in the future.

To apply:

To express an interest or to apply, please contact by Friday, March 1st.

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