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Shooting Documentary Photography on Film

September 2 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

The legendary status of the M system is anchored to its role as the small format system of choice for documentarians looking to tell those iconic, sometimes scrappy, sometimes poetic, always intimate human stories. As a journalistic tool M system rangefinders remain in the hands of serious documentary and street photographers, even when high quality digital options seem to offer an alternative to most.
During this webinar Simon will discuss his use of Leica M film cameras for his ongoing documentary projects, which are currently exclusively made on 35mm black and white film. He will lead with a discussion around the crucial decisions he makes on a daily basis including choosing the right film, exposing for different lighting situations, ideas around composition and decision making in the field, and his development, scanning, and printmaking process.
This webinar is ideal for all photographers from beginner to advanced who are looking to involve a film element into their work.

If you have questions, please make a note of these beforehand and write them into the Q&A panel on Zoom.

  • Participant level: All
  • You will need Zoom and an internet connection to access the webinar
  • The Zoom link to access the webinar will be provided in the confirmation email

About Simon King

Simon King is a London based Street and Documentarian photographer. His time is divided between shooting personal projects, assignments, and general street photographs. Simon also teaches a short course in Street Photography at the University of the Arts, London, with a focus on empowering students to overcome boundaries when shooting on the street, as well as how to discover details and moments in the world around them, and translate those into images.
Simon’s projects include work behind the scenes at London Fashion Week, as well as a number of movie and television sets. His BTS work relies heavily on his street photography style, and approach towards candid scenes. His work now takes him around the world, as he narrows the scope of his storytelling to focus on elements of humanity that fascinate him.
His photography features emotion and energy in every frame, with a real sense of empathy and compassion towards his subjects. Despite this emphasis on character and emotion his images are distinct in their minimalism, telling the story with as few elements as possible. The majority of his work is shot on 35mm film, which offers the best balance in terms of quality and manoeuvrability.
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