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crew of Taish standing and smiling at Livery Street

Bollywood Film Brings High Action to Birmingham Streets

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Three years after Steven Spielberg was shooting Ready Player One on Livery Street, a Bollywood film crew has arrived with its own dramatic car chase sequence.  Fast-rising Indian director Bejoy Nambiar has arrived in Birmingham to shoot his Bollywood romantic revenge thriller, Taish.

Backed by key facilitators Film Birmingham and Birmingham City Council, Bejoy’s production ‘lot’ takes up such comparatively little space on the corner of the same car park you’d barely notice it was there. But up on Lionel Street itself, the atmosphere was no less intense as marshals, runners, stunt co-ordinators, actors and film crew all busied themselves with the task in hand. And that was shooting a car chase sequence on a single street that would end up looking a million dollars on the big screen when the Taish makes its bow in 2020.

On the set of Taish, the calmest man on set was Bejoy, sipping from a coffee cup while all around him took note of stunt co-ordinator Ian Van Temperly who was able to cuddle his baby daughter Ruby whenever he needed to relax on the sidelines.

What the director says

Bejoy Nambiar said he was delighted to be shooting in Birmingham. Following his first visit on a recce two months ago, part of the script had been rewritten to accommodate the local network of railways bridges and canal tunnels.

“Film Birmingham and Birmingham City Council have been really helpful,” he said, “We could not have shot this quickly anywhere else. The story could be set anywhere in England, but Birmingham has a lot of character. I loved the area around the Custard Factory in Digbeth so we have been shooting there, too. I like the architecture so much.

“We also wanted to work with a certain breed of actors and I am trying to ‘steal’ that (feeling) for my film. They all have tremendous potential which elevates Taish.”

Bejoy said he was proud to be following in Spielberg’s footsteps as well as shooting in the home city of Peaky Blinders.

“I haven’t seen series five yet because of this, but I love the series – it’s like the city is another character in the story. For me as an outsider, it’s an interesting drama to watch.”

The Chase and Stunts

The chase itself involved two men dressed in black on a fast motorbike duelling with a car. But three other vehicles would also be travelling the other way at the same time. Would they all swerve in time? You bet!

In another scene, two men used buckets of water from a giant trailer tank, ready for a near 360 degree stunt on Mary Ann Street. All parking has been suspended in the area to allow shooting to continue until and including Thursday, August 29. Filming on Taish began in late July. After Birmingham, it will move on to Somerset’s HM Prison Shepton Mallet before production wraps.

Stunt co-ordinator Ian Van Temperly’s impressive credits include Gladiator, Jack Ryan 2 and the first film released in the UK in the 21st century – Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow.

“What we are doing here is trying to make the car chase look really exciting by using cut-aways and angles,” said Ian, whose company is called The Stunt Alliance, “We aren’t driving faster than 30mph (the road’s legal limit) but it will look 70mph when it’s finished.”

Production Value

The budget for Taish is around £1.2 million according to Birmingham-based line manager Vijay Gulwani. And it’s got a crew of more than 120 people which is good business for the four hotels putting most of them up.

The film follows on from other big productions which have shot here recently, including The Girl With All The Gifts (released 2015), Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) and Ready Player One (2018), not forgetting Ray Winstone’s low budget boxing drama Jawbone (2017). Peaky Blinders , which has just launched series five on BBC1, is shot up north as well as at the Black Country Living Museum , but creator Steven Knight has vowed to see parts of series six and seven shot in his home city.

The plot

Rohan and Sunny have been best friends since childhood, but violent money lenders are lurking in London, headed by Kuljinder and brothers Pali and Jassi. Pali has been planning to quit the family business and start life afresh with Kuljinder’s wife Jahaan with whom he has been having an affair.

But fate has other plans for him. Both these worlds collide when Kuljinder comes to attend the wedding in the countryside. A past secret connected to Rohan and Kuljinder kickstarts a chain of violence changing all their lives drastically. Taish is a story of friendship and loss of innocence narrated in the format of an intense thriller.


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Extras Needed! Fox Feature Film Casting in Birmingham

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From the Producers of the Martian, Murder on the Orient Express and Logan…

Are you interested in being an extra for a huge, Fox feature film coming to Gloucestershire? Mad Dog 2020 are looking for background artists to take part in filming! They will be holding a specific registration for this production in Birmingham on Thursday 29th August.

Looking for: Middle Eastern, African and Mediterranean people, aged 16+. If chosen for filming, extras will be paid industry rates. Filming will take place throughout September 2019.

To apply for the registration day, please:

1) Register for free as a new artist at

2) Email your name and artist ID to

Registration day will be: Thurs 29th Aug in Birmingham

Invite only (once you have registered as a new artist)

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Free Screenings of “Birmingham in the 1980s” at BMAG

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Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery will be screening films by Yugesh and Sunandan Walia, under the theme “Birmingham in the 1980s”.

Birmingham-born Yugesh Walia and his brother Sunandan were at the forefront of independent film making in the 1980s. Their work was shown at the Edinburgh and London International Film Festivals and they received numerous commissions from production companies including the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV. Their work explored specific cultural moments and experiences for black and Asian communities in Birmingham.

Three films by Yugesh will be on display in gallery 12 – free entry. This trilogy was made under the aegis of the award-winning Birmingham Film & Video Workshop. Founded by Roger Shannon in December 1979 with support from West Midlands Arts and Channel 4, this pioneering movement introduced new and diverse voices into UK independent film and television culture.

Screening Times

The films will be shown 3rd August until 18th November in Gallery 12. Entry is free.

Monday – Thursday 10am – 5pm
Friday 10.30am – 5pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am – 5pm

The exhibition will feature a different film each month, the films and their schedules are listed below:

Mirror Mirror, 1980

3rd August – 8th September

Jo is a young Punjabi woman at a crossroads in her life. House sitting for a friend, she is in limbo between two worlds, trying to decide whether to move out of her family home to live with her English boyfriend. In contrast to her lifestyle as a young professional, her family life is restrictive and full of double standards. Under pressure from both sides, she must decide who she really is and what she wants from her life.

Duration: 25 minutes.

Sweet Chariot, 1981

9th September – 13th October

Sweet Chariot explores the ways white society adopts black culture through music, dance and fashion, and yet rejects it through racism. It follows an evening in the life of Pauline, a young dancer who is confronted by these attitudes on a daily basis.

Duration: 23 minutes.

African Oasis, 1982

14th October – 18th November

The Handsworth Cultural Centre in Birmingham provided cultural and social provisions including dance, film and the ‘African village’. This programming was part of the centre’s unique approach to ‘re-culturalisation’ and the development of new cultural identities in the face of negative stereotyping.

Duration: 33 minutes.


These films were made through Birmingham Film & Video Workshop (BFVW) and have been recently been acquired for Birmingham’s collection through the Collecting Birmingham project. Purchased with assistance of the Heritage Fund.



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Apply for the Film Hub Midlands Show Fund – Deadline September 13th

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Film Hub Midlands has opened its Show Fund for applications. See more of their info below:


About Film Hub Midlands

Our vision is to inspire a new generation by presenting film and film culture in new ways which make it an essential and compelling part of learning, understanding, and valuing ourselves and the communities in which we live. The Show Fund is our largest open fund, and is for film exhibition projects that support our priorities. It is open to all film exhibitors, from full time cinemas, film festivals, and community groups.

If you are in the business of showing films, and would like support to expand your programme and audience, or have an ambitious project you would like to get off the ground – please submit an Expression of Interest.

In particular reflecting our priorities, we are especially keen to work with organisations who want to reach young audiences, and or those from BAMER communities, those who identify as LGBTQ+, those with access needs, or who are from disadvantaged backgrounds.
We’re also keen to invest in Lincolnshire and Staffordshire, and would welcome projects to reach audiences in those areas.

To Apply

You must be a member of Film Hub Midlands to receive support from our Show Fund, you can register nowComplete the Expression of Interest and budget templates below, and send to hello@filmhubmidlands.orgIf you don’t receive confirmation that we’ve received your email, contact us. The deadline for this opportunity is Friday 13 September 2019.

Funding Priorities

Our priorities for the Film Audience Network under BFI2022 are as follows:

  • Engaging audiences – maximising the number of audiences engaging with FAN activity and increasing the quality and cultural depth of their experience
  • Broadening film choice – increasing access to a wide range of independent British and international film for audiences – especially those outside London
  • Diversity – increasing the diversity of audiences engaging with FAN activity
  • Young audiences – boosting participation of 16-30 year olds in FAN activity
  • Screen heritage – facilitating greater access to archive content with a particular focus on national and regional collections

If you are in the business of showing films, and would like support to expand your programme and audience, or have an ambitious project you would like to get off the ground – please submit an Expression of Interest.

In particular reflecting our priorities, we are especially keen to work with organisations who want to reach young audiences, and or those from BAMER communities, those who identify as LGBTQ+, those with access needs, or who are from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Key Dates

Expression of Interest Open – Monday 19 August
Expression of Interest Deadline – Friday 13 September
Activity Delivered – From October 2019

We will be reopening the Show fund in Spring 2020.

Available Funds

As a guide we anticipate making awards between £2,500 and £15,000, but please refer to the guide below to see where your project fits in terms of scale. We want our projects to reach as many people as possible, and we always consider the value we provide per screening and audience member. As a guide we suggest the following awards would aim to reach the accompanying number of audiences. This is a guide and we do anticipate flexibility.

Amount Awarded: £2,500, Anticipated Admissions: 500

Amount Awarded: £5,00, Anticipated Admissions: 1,100

Amount Awarded: £75,00, Anticipated Admissions: 1,750

Amount Awarded: £10,000, Anticipated Admissions: 2,500

Supported Projects

We will review each project submitted individually, but broadly, we can support the following:

  • Screening Costs
  • Archive Access Costs
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Project Coordination
  • Curation Costs

Our Show Fund funding is primarily for audience development therefore we are unable to support film production, distribution, publications, showcases, or talent development activity. Unless you can demonstrably prove why your event cannot happen otherwise, we will not support events that are exclusively free to audiences.

BFI Diversity Standards

All of our projects must be open and accessible. In order to reach the widest possible audience through our supported projects, we are committed to the BFI Diversity Standards. The standards can be broken down broadly into the following four areas:

  • Industry access or training (ensuring that we offer accessible opportunities through our projects and organisations).
  • On screen (diverse narratives, cast and places depicted).
  • Catering for audiences (provision of disability access, specialist projects for target audiences, providing for specific UK regions etc).
  • A diverse crew (exploring who makes the films we screen and offers project leadership).

Submit Your Expression of Interest

We’ve provided an Expression of Interest form for everyone to use. Hopefully you’ll find this makes the process straightforward, letting you tell us the information we need in the shortest time possible. Our aim is to offer a welcoming, transparent, and engaging Hub; so we’d like to emphasise that an Expression of Interest is not an application, but the start of a conversation on how we might collaborate. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like some guidance on the templates.

We do ask you also complete an indicative budget template for your project, with the understanding that it will have flexibility as the project progresses. 

We recommend that you always contact us ahead of submitting an EOI, so we can talk you through the process, and help you determine which fund is best for you. You must be a member of Film Hub Midlands to receive our support, joining is free and quick to do: we’re unable to support you this time round, then we’ll offer feedback and advice to help you move forward.

How we assess your project

All projects are reviewed by an assessment panel that includes Film Hub Midlands and our advisory board. We’ll look at your proposal to make a decision about whether we can support it. As part of this we will consider:

  • How well the project meets our objectives;
  • The creative quality of the idea, partnerships and team behind it;
  • Whether it will reach the priority audiences for BFI FAN
  • Value for money including subsidy-per-head
  • Potential legacy and long term impact

Successful Projects

If we like your project, we’ll be in touch and work with you to firm up your project and its budget. Once we are all happy with the plan, we will send an agreement to confirm the terms of your award, and the project you will deliver. As this award will be coming from National Lottery Funds we want to be clear about what will be expecting from you. When you receive your agreement it will contain points on branding and evaluation and reporting.


For full guidelines on Film Hub Midlands’ Show Fund, click here.



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Premiere of ITV2’s Zomboat in Birmingham on October 3rd

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The premiere of new ITV2 comedy series, Zomboat! is being held in Birmingham on the evening of Thursday 3rd October 2019 with its four stars in attendance.

The Royal Television Society (Midlands) event at the canalside IET building is set to welcome stars Leah Brotherhead, Hamza Jeetooa, Ryan McKen and Cara Theobold; and they will be joined on the night by Executive Producers Camilla Campbell and Robert Wulff-Cochrane from Noho Films plus Writer Adam Miller, for a Q&A straight after the screening. If you would like to join the RTS for this special evening click on the link below to book your tickets. With a zombie apocalypse in the offing…anything could happen!

About Zomboat

The zombie apocalypse is coming to the U.K. and will be seen on British and U.S. TV after ITV and Hulu greenlit “Zomboat!” The upcoming comedy will star Leah Brotherhead (“White Gold”), Hamza Jeetooa (“Doctor Who”), Ryan McKen (“White Dragon”), and Cara Theobold (“Downton Abbey”). It bows on the ITV2 channel this fall and then on Hulu.

The story follows the aftermath of a zombie onslaught being unleashed on the British city of Birmingham. Sisters Kat and Jo, together with unlikely travel companions Sunny and Amar, flee for their lives by canal boat. As they journey along the canal in their tightly packed living quarters, friendships develop, alliances form, arguments occur and romance blossoms. Along the way, they realize there is no escaping the problems of everyday life, even in a zombie apocalypse. (

To Book

Click here to book tickets for the Zomboat premiere. The suggested date for booking tickets is before Thursday 26th September.

This is a free event but you do need to book a place. Places are limited so book quickly to avoid disappointment.


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Big Brum TV Link-Up: Become a Content Producer for BBC Three!

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BBC Three is calling all creatives to meet them in Birmingham for the Big Brum TV Link-Up! See a message from them below:


The BBC is for everyone.  We want to attract people from all backgrounds to be part of the BBC and to better reflect the UK today. This is a chance for off-screen talent from under-represented groups to link up with the award-winning BBC Three in Birmingham.

We’re inviting experienced creatives interested in working in the Midlands, who are black, Asian, minority ethnic, and/or have a disability and/or are from lower socio-economic* backgrounds, to meet the team from BBC Three at The Big Brum TV Link-Up.  This special networking event takes place on the evening of Wednesday 16 October and includes a series of one–to-one speed networking meetings with commissioners, execs and talent managers.  

BBC Three publishes award-winning content aimed at young audiences across digital platforms, including iPlayer. It has a team based at The Mailbox creating digital shortform, Factual and Fact Ent formats.  Across the year there are usually opportunities for skilled individuals including video editors, social media execs, researchers, assistant producers, producers, directors and Series Producers.

If you have credits as a researcher or above or you’ve run a successful social media campaign, and are from one of the underrepresented groups mentioned, then please apply to come along and meet the team to find out more about how your skills could match these opportunities.  Please note that all roles at BBC Three are subject to an open recruitment process and all appointments are based on merit.

You’ll also have an opportunity to meet with other content makers including representatives from BBC Birmingham’s Drama Village and Local and Regional programmes as well as independent production companies from across the West Midlands including Wonder, Full Fat TV, North One Television and FirstLook TV. Click here to register and for further information on the Big Brum TV Link-Up. Deadline for applications is 15th September, 2019. 

Are you the right candidate?

  • You’re an experienced creative with either a minimum of two credits or have run a successful social media campaign.
  • You’re from an under-represented group (black, Asian, minority ethnic, and/or have a disability and/or are from lower socio-economic* backgrounds).*based on the occupation of the main wage earner of your household when you were aged 14.
  • You’re currently working in or looking to work in the Midlands.

We’re expecting a lot of interest in this event so if you would like to attend please upload an up-to-date CV by 15 September.  We’ll let you know by 20 September 2019 whether you have a place at the event.

Click here to register and for further information. 

About the BBC

We don’t focus simply on what we do – we also care how we do it. Our values and the way we behave are important to us. Please make sure you’ve read about our values and behaviours in the document attached below.

Diversity matters at the BBC. We have a working environment where we value and respect every individual’s unique contribution, enabling all of our employees to thrive and achieve their full potential. We want to attract the broadest range of talented people to be part of the BBC – whether that’s to contribute to our programming or our wide range of non-production roles. The more diverse our workforce, the better able we are to respond to and reflect our audiences in all their diversity. 

We are committed to equality of opportunity and welcome applications from individuals, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, social background, religion and/or belief. We will consider flexible working requests for all roles, unless operational requirements prevent otherwise.

To find out more about Diversity and Inclusion at the BBC, please click here



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Register for the Birmingham 2022 Culture Programme: Introduction

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From our opening and closing ceremonies to our world class cultural festival, our live sites to the Queen’s Baton Relay, Birmingham 2022 will be a region wide celebration of the power of art to bring people together and make connections across the UK and Commonwealth. Visitors or locals will discover or rediscover our world class venues and artists and find new stories and experiences by young people and emerging talent. From magic in hidden corners to major new commissions and installations. If you’re a curious visitor or an organisation or artist who wants updates regarding cultural activities and opportunities with the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, you are invited to the introduction meeting.

We are hosting an open meeting for the arts and cultural community of Birmingham and the West Midlands to discuss more about our exciting plans for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. As Chief Creative Officer for the games the session, Martin Green will have the opportunity to share the early thinking on all the creative elements of the games. He will give timelines and milestones for the years ahead, including opportunities to get involved and most importantly hear your input and answer your questions. The event will also provide updates on other developments by the City, Region and Culture Central.

The session is open to anyone (individual or organisation) from the arts and cultural community in Birmingham and the West midlands. All we ask is that you register so we know how many people to expect and any access requirements you may have. Register here.

Date and Time: Birmingham 2022 Culture Programme

This event will take place on September 16th at The Studio, Birmingham Repertory Theatre.

08:30 – 09:00: Networking & Refreshments

09:00 – 11:00: Culture Programme Introduction

Upon Arrival to The REP, please make your way to the UVB reception desk where a member of the team will be able to direct you to the Birmingham 2022 event.

For information regarding location, parking and accessibility please click here to visit The REP’s website.

Register for the event here.

If you’re a curious visitor or an organisation or an artist who wants updates regarding cultural activities and opportunities with the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.




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WFTV Awards 2019: Nominations Open for Women in Film/TV

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Below is a message from our friends at Women in Film and TV regarding their upcoming WFTV Awards, its timeline and the award categories:


We are delighted to announce that the nominations window for the 2019 WFTV Annual Awards is now open. The annual event, now in its 29th year, celebrates the achievements of women in the industry across 14 different categories including Director, Writer, Producer, Business and Contribution to the Medium (a full list follows below).

Anyone in the industry can nominate a woman using a simple online form which can be found here.

Last year’s winners included actor and writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge, presenter and commentator Jameela Jamil, actor Nicola Walker, rising new talent Rungano Nyoni and behind the scenes talent: award winning comedy producer Gill Isles and owners of the only female run visual effects company Blue Bolt Lucy Ainsworth-Taylor and Angela Barson. Award winning and critically acclaimed actor Juliet Stevenson won the Lifetime Achievement Award.

WFTV Chair, Liz Tucker said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone working in film and TV  to think about the talented women they know and nominate them for an award. We have a total of 14 categories and many of our winners have gone on to win BAFTAs. So I encourage everyone to think about the women they would like to see recognized at this year’s WFTV awards and get nominating!”

Nominate now.

Timeline: WFTV Awards

Award nominations open: 09:00 TUESDAY 16 JULY.
Award nominations close: 12:00 FRIDAY 6 SEPTEMBER.
Awards ceremony takes place: FRIDAY 6 DECEMBER (Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London).

Award Categories and Definitions

The Barclays Business Award recognises outstanding business achievement by a woman in film, TV or digital media within the last three years, e.g. an executive producer, distributor, legal and business affairs executive, managing director.

The BBC News and Factual Award recognises outstanding achievement in news, factual programming, current affairs or documentary work in film, TV or digital media in the last two years. The winner should be a producer, director, researcher, journalist or special correspondent.
NB This is not an award for presenters; there is a separate award for presenters.

The ScreenSkills Writing Award recognises outstanding achievement by a woman writing for film, TV or digital media (including games) within the last two years. This is unlikely to be a first time writer, but a woman whose recent top-level authorship as a central creator adds to an impressive previous body of work.

The Deluxe Director Award recognises outstanding achievement by a woman director in film, TV or digital media across entertainment, comedy or drama within the last two years.

The ENVY Producer Award recognises outstanding achievement by a female producer in film, TV or digital media within the last two years.

The IMDb Project Management Award recognises outstanding achievement, by a female line producer, production supervisor, production manager, location manager, production accountant, or post-production supervisor in film, TV or digital media within the last three years.

The Netflix New Talent Award recognises a woman who can be seen as a significant emerging talent in film, TV or digital media, within the last two years.

The ITV Studios Achievement of the Year Award recognises a woman who has made a significant impact in any aspect of production, in front of or behind the camera in film, TV or digital media over the past year. It also recognises a woman who has contributed to raising awareness or making significant change in the area of women’s equality over the past year.

The Best Performance Award recognises outstanding acting achievement, by a female performer in TV, film or digital media within the last two years.

The EIKON Presenter Award recognises outstanding achievement by an onscreen presenter in film, TV or digital media within in the last two years.

The Craft Award recognises outstanding achievement in craft in film, TV or digital media production, especially those working in the more traditionally male-dominated sectors, within the last two years, e.g. camera, sound, lighting, grips, stunt work, set design.
NB This is not an award for post-production. There is a separate award for post.

The Technicolor Creative Technology Award recognises outstanding achievement in creativity in post production in film, TV or digital media within the last two years.

The Argonon Contribution to the Medium Award recognises a woman who has achieved excellence through her exemplary body of work over a period of at least 15 years, in film, television or digital media. This is an intermediate level of lifetime achievement, and our second most prestigious award after the Lifetime Award.

The EON Productions Lifetime Achievement Award recognises a woman whose lifetime body of work makes her an inspiration and role model. This award is in the gift of the WFTV Board of Directors.

Nominate now.




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Performance Short Film Competition 2019 – Deadline 15th September

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Performance Film and Media Insurance has opened a call for submission for short films, with a deadline of 19th September 2019. Please see their information below:


  • Your film must have been produced within the last two years
  • Each film must have a maximum running time of 15 minutes
  • Your short film can be any genre – please note we can not accept any pornographic or ‘adult’ films,
  • The closing submission date is 15/09/2019
  • You can submit your film here to the Performance Short Film Competition.
  • See full Terms & Conditions for details.

We will be welcoming submissions from all over the UK. All shortlisted films will be invited to our exclusive finale event in London, held once again at the Aviva Digital Garage in Hoxton, London. The winning films will be screened to a range of our industry partners and fellow filmmakers and will receive their prize packages!


Thanks to the success of last year’s competition, this year we’re able to provide 4 prize packages!

Each of the 4 UK national Prize packages will include:

  • £1500 towards your next production provided by Performance
  • Kit hire package provided by either New Day Pictures or Promotion
  • Script clearance from Reviewed & Cleared.

In addition to the UK national prize packages, one lucky winner will also receive post-production services from Goldcrest.  See terms and conditions for full details here. We are also hoping to add to the packages to keep a look out on our socials for announcements!

For Full Terms and Conditions of the Performance Film & Media Short Film Competition 2019, please click here.

Submit your film here.  For more information, contact 0208 256 4931. To hear about last year’s Performance competition, click here.



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Birmingham Young Filmmakers Network (BYFN) for 16-21 yo Creatives

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Birmingham Young Filmmakers Network is here to connect, empower and equip young creatives with the aim of supporting tomorrows filmmakers. You can join them at the first meet up of the BYFN at the Mockingbird Cinema at the Custard Factory on 19th August 17:00-20:00 BST.

About Birmingham Young Filmmakers Network

The BYFN wants young people (16-21 years old) who want to meet like minded people to give themselves the opportunity to create and grow. We want to help foster a strong filmmaking community with the aim of helping each other to realise their potential. Their partners, The Mockingbird Cinema is also kindly offering FREE STUDENT MEMBERSHIPS which includes a free film. After facilitating on programmes with young creatives, BYFN have realised that to access filmmaking courses, workshops or groups they often come with a cost that can often be out of reach for many young people who are interested in finding out more, wanting some experience or just want a taster before they make the leap to committing to a university course.

BYFN wants to ensure that every passionate young creative can form a network of like minded peers so that they can lift each other up, collaborate on projects and build their portfolio of work so they can be on a level playing field to compete for jobs and opportunities in the future. If have work you want to showcase please contact

How will BYFN work?

Initially they want to work collaboratively with you to find out what your needs are. They want to hold regular meet ups at the Mockingbird Cinema where you will be able to showcase your work, receive feedback if you wish and network with others. You may be an aspiring director and need an editor, or a scriptwriter wanting to workshop ideas with actors, or even a musician or a make up artist up for a challenge. BYFN are aiming to help you grow your network so that you can take ideas and make them reality through pooling your resources. They want you to let us know what information you need, such as funding, securing locations, permissions for music, etc and we will deliver that too you.

As the network grows, we aim to get professionals in to give talks and run workshop and we always aim to make this free. In the long term we aim to work on group projects alongside you, but that’s all in the long term….we’ll get there together.

In this first meeting they will:

  • Share information about opportunities
  • A space to showcase your work and receive feedback
  • Deliver information/workshops that are helpful to young filmmakers
  • A space to network with other young creatives with the aim of fostering collaboration
  • Hear from you about what support you want/need

Who they want to meet

This is for 16-21 year olds from Birmingham who want to gain experience and knowledge about filmmaking or wants to meet like minded and motivated young people. You may have a role in mind or you may want to explore your options.

  • Directors
  • Screenwriters
  • Editors
  • Producers
  • Actors
  • Camera operators/Cinematographers
  • Musicians/Music producers
  • Stylists
  • Make up artists
  • And any other enthusiastic and motivated people!

How to register

Register free for the first BYFN meetup here.  If have work you want to showcase please contact




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