The Skills Show

Posted on 14 November 2013

The Skills Show is designed to inspire and transform young people’s lives through a series of interactive events, getting them to change the way they think about skills, training and apprenticeships. The national show, the UK’s largest skills and careers event is taking place this week at the NEC, Birmingham.

First Light will be at the show promoting the Skills Fusion project, the visual effects (VFX) careers outreach project which aims to support the growth of the UK VFX industry by providing students, teachers, careers advisors and parents with information and advice about the range of VFX careers available.

There will be a chance to have a go at some green screen activity and on Friday come and meet staff from double negative visual effects who’ll be talking about what they do to create those magical images from films such as Skyfall, Thor, and Iron Man 2.

Meet VFX Experts from double negative visual effects

Marieke Franzen

Marieke works as Generalist TD for Double Negative, working on visual effects for Hollywood blockbusters like James Bond, Total Recall and Thor.

As a Generalist, Marieke works in many areas of a production such as modelling, texturing, shading and lighting. This involves generating the 3D objects, colouring them, giving them their surface values,and finally, putting lights around them, so the computer can calculate the final images that are seen in the movie.

Joel Delle-Vergin

Joel has been working in digital media and film professionally for the past 11 years. Working in a range of mediums Joel has spent the majority of his career in Australia working in visual effects, animation and design for the television and video games games industry. Joel now resides in London where he has been working in Film VFX as a Compositor for Double Negative. In the last 4 years he has worked on some huge Hollywood blockbusters like Marvels Iron Man 2, Zac Synder’s Man of Steel and Ron Howard’s recent film Rush.

Marieke tells us how her career began…

I studied Graphic Design in Germany, at the University of Applied Sciences at Trier. After that, I did a postgraduate Master of Arts in Computer Animation at the HKU Utrecht University of Arts in the Netherlands. Because of my artistic background, I first started to work as Texturing Artist which means basically painting on 3D objects with special software.

In the beginning I used to work for smaller companies, mainly in Germany, but also in other European countries like Denmark and France. I gained a lot of experience, because in smaller companies you need to be able to do a lot of different tasks. This experience enabled me to become a Generalist at Double Negative.

I have been working for Double Negative for nearly 2 years now, and I really enjoy working with talented people from all over the work on challenging projects that become great movies!

The Skills Show