The Pixel Lab 2012: The Cross-Media Workshop

Posted on 12 January 2012

A unique, four-month European business development course bringing together experienced media professionals from different disciplines and industries – film, broadcast, online, mobile, gaming, advertising – The Pixel Lab is designed to increase competitiveness in the international marketplace, advance business acumen and create new collaborative and networking opportunities for participants through focused, project-driven work.

In particular, the Lab develops and hones the skills necessary to create, produce and distribute cross-media stories – stories that can span any combination of film, interactive, live event, mobile, gaming, TV, publishing, online. Teaching is led by the best international practitioners currently working in the cross-media and transmedia space.


European media professionals with a strong track record in their particular sector. We will select up to 20 producers with a project that has cross-media potential (fiction and/or non-fiction), and 20 media professionals (producers and other professionals) without a project. [Please note that due to funder requirements, participants must be European nationals.]


All participants attend a six-day residential workshop in Germany in July 2012, with a further two stages for producers attending with a project:

1. 1 – 7 July 2012: Residential Workshop 1 at the 4* Resort Schwielowsee, Potsdam, Germany for all participants

2. July – September 2012: Distance mentoring via email and Skype for producers attending with a project

3. Mid-October 2012 (exact dates tbc): London Workshop 2 for producers attending with a project

A maximum of 40 participants will be divided into four groups headed by a Group Leader, who will be an active international cross-media specialist. Each project producer is partnered with another professional from a different but complementary skillset relevant to the producer’s project, to work together over the course of the week.

Teaching is through a mixture of lectures which include indepth talks, project case study presentations and panels; focused project group work with and without experts; one-to-one meetings.

In addition, producers attending the Lab with a project receive distance mentoring over the summer from Power to the Pixel heads, Liz Rosenthal and Tishna Molla focusing on the project’s next stages. Producers come to London in mid-October 2012 for the final stages of the Lab where they will receive pitch presentation training from an industry expert, attend Power to the Pixel’s internationally renowned Cross-Media Forum, culminating in project presentations to select invited industry guests and an afternoon of business meetings.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS Friday, 30 March 2012. Download an application form here.

“The Pixel Lab is a creative storm and a zen workshop, it opens new horizons and nails down specific issues, it helps keep things simple and triggers the hunger for luxurious platform jungles. When you think: “now I got it”, you discover something new just around the corner. I attended a lot of workshops, but I think The Pixel Lab is the greatest creativity booster I ever experienced. And on top: good organization, smart scheduling, nice people.” – Christian Popp, Producer docdays Productions (GERMANY) – Participant 2011

“Many amazing things happened at The Pixel Lab, beyond its top notch professional organization… But if I have to pick one that moved me the most, it was the sense of generosity, solidarity and support that was generated among the group of participants and experts. I felt we were like pioneers embarked to explore virgin territories and as such we were a community in the making. I am both proud and happy that I was privileged to be a part of it.” – Michel Reilhac, Executive Director ARTE France Cinema (FRANCE) – Group Leader 2010 & 2011

The Pixel Lab 2012: The Cross-Media Workshop