Stellar Network on the look-out for rising talent

Posted on 1 July 2013

Stellar Network’s 2013 Development Programme is now open for applications!

Calling writers, directors, producers, game designers and filmmakers

This autumn, Stellar Network will run a Development Programme designed to train emerging talent in crossplatform storytelling.

Stellar Network filters proven up and coming producers, storytellers and technologists from theatre, film, television and games and turns them into content innovators- by training them, matching collaborative teams, and nurturing their first projects in a research and development environment.

The Development Programmes look to instil critical thinking and innovative approaches in our participants. Focussing on opening doors and building toolkits, graduates finish the programme as story innovators and entrepreneurs.

In partnership with Roehampton University, the programme will consist of research-led training, developing the skills of film, television, theatre and games professionals to create innovative stories and experiences across a variety of platforms.

Enabled by technology, the cross-platform projects will explore the boundaries between audience and story, reality and fiction.

They are looking for rising talent – writers, directors, producers, game designers and creative technologists, who are interested in exploring new distribution platforms, sectors and audiences for their work.

The programme will happen between September 2013 – December 2013 and is completely subsidised for the chosen participants.

There is information on the programme and on how to apply at their website

Stellar Network on the look-out for rising talent