Backlight Audio Podcast - City Filming Permissions & Planning

Posted on 14 August 2017

From Hollywood Blockbusters through to the smallest student project, if you’re looking to film anywhere within the city of Birmingham, you’ll need to deal with the fantastic organisation Film Birmingham.

Backlight Podcast was honoured to visit the Film Birmingham offices, located within the great new Library of Birmingham structure to talk with Manager, Sindy Campbell.

The full in-depth episode recorded with Sindy is available to listen to now at

For almost a decade Sindy Campbell has been the go-to contact for facilitating filming within the wider city of Birmingham. Coordinating with international production companies (both great and small) and the key UK channels for one-off and ongoing productions, and liaising with numerous organisations
across the city to ensure disruption to the general public is minimal.

Film Birmingham also host a vast database of exciting filming locations from mansions to historical buildings. Sindy talks us through locking down central Birmingham with zombie-filled streets and working with Steven Spielberg!

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Backlight Audio Podcast - City Filming Permissions & Planning