September is Shooting People's Animation Takeover month!

Posted on 31 August 2011

Screen West Midlands Presents:

Matt Groening has rocked the world of animation once with The Simpsons, twice with Futurama, and now thrice as judge of Shooting People’s Film of the Month competition in September 2011!

For our Animation Takeover month, the inimitable Mr Groening will be on hand to watch and comment on your work. All you have to do is upload your most impressive animation to Film of the Month in September, then get fellow members to watch, love and vote for you.

We want the best, most imaginative and downright mind-blowing animators around the world to showcase themselves during our Animation Takeover, and have a crack at this unique chance to get feedback from an undisputed animation idol. Of course, you can upload short films of any kind, but we think animators will be particularly excited to about the competition.

Upload your film from 1st September. The top three films at the end of the month will be sent to the desk of Mr G himself for approval and winning decisions. You must be a Shooting People member to enter.

Add your animation to September’s hottest competition from 1st of the month:

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