Producers’ Forum Mentoring Scheme – Apply Now!

Posted on 5 September 2012

Building on the success of the mentoring programme in 2011, the Producers’ Forum has secured funding from Creative England to run a mentoring programme.

The programme will provide the following:

◦4 x senior producers/writers/directors & 4 x junior producers/writers/directors with 3 days each of mentoring support from a chosen mentor in their field
◦These days which amount to 24 hours may involve a mentor reading/viewing materials, face to face meetings, skype & ‘phone calls, e-mails
◦Half a day workshop with facilitation and professional development expert Alec McPhedron on how to get the best from the process

Mentees will be asked to provide a page summary of their experience and its benefits as well as sharing intelligence at a networking event to be arranged by the Forum following delivery of the programme.


Producers/writers/directors living and working in the Midlands.

The programme is targeted at filmmakers who are ambitious to progress their career. The programme aims to provide the opportunity to gain guidance and support from an experienced industry specialist.

Senior-Producers/writers/directors who have at least 5 years of experience and produced work in film in any genre including documentary and animation. Consideration will also be given to P/W/D who are currently working in TV or theatre and who wish to move into film.

Junior- Producers/writers/directors who are currently working or have worked in entry level positions in the film and television industry and who can demonstrate an active interest in pursuing a career in the film industry with proven examples of what they are doing to pursue this objective.


Applications are invited from WEDNESDAY 5th SEPTEMBER and close FRIDAY 28st SEPTEMBER at mid-day. Applicants will be expected to supply:

◦a CV (max 2 pages)
◦a statement of how they think a mentor will help them to include three aspects of their business to focus on, what they hope to get from the mentoring process and a suggestion of three mentors (max 2 pages.)
Writers and directors who are shortlisted will be asked to submit a short showreel and writing sample.

Applications should be made by e-mail, addressed to with MENTORING PROGRAMME in the subject line. Please DO NOT send materials or applications by post at this stage as they will not be considered. Please DO NOT exceed requested length of CV & statement as the application will not be considered.

A panel consisting of Programme Manager, Natasha Carlish & one other Producers’ Forum senior member in consultation with Creative England Senior Talent Manager, Anna Seifert-Speck, will read submissions and make decisions by FRIDAY 19th OCTOBER letting candidates know the same day and announcing on MONDAY 22nd OCTOBER.

Candidates will be invited to a half day workshop consisting of a “how to get the best from your mentor” session facilitated by Alec McPhedron and one-to-ones with Natasha to determine which mentor to approach. This will take place FRIDAY 22nd OCTOBER in Birmingham.

The aim is to secure all mentors by the end of NOVEMBER. All mentoring will be expected to be delivered by end of April 2013. In May/June all mentees will be asked to attend a Forum networking session to share the intelligence gained from the process.

For any questions please e-mail with QUERY RE: MENTORING PROGRAMME in the subject line & contact details.

◦TUES 4th SEPTEMBER Announce programme at Producers’ Forum networking
◦WEDS 5th SEPTEMBER Launch programme & open for applications
◦FRI 28th SEPTEMBER (12.00) Applications closed
◦FRI 19th OCTOBER Final decisions made and candidates informed
◦MON 22nd OCTOBER Successful mentees announced
◦FRI 26thOCTOBER Half day workshop for mentees
◦END NOVEMBER All mentors secured
◦END APRIL 2013 All mentoring finished
◦MID MAY 2013 Final report delivered to CE
◦MAY/JUNE 2013 Networking event for mentees to share intelligence


Producers’ Forum Mentoring Scheme – Apply Now!