NEW to FLIC - Develop Games and Apps in YOUR School!

Posted on 30 January 2012

The games and mobile apps market is massive and growing and so we have developed a FLIC that will give school pupils a first step into this exciting world.

FLIC games workshops will give your pupils knowledge of not only games creation and ICT skills, but will also have truly cross-curricular benefits enhancing problem solving, numeracy, literacy, design, enterprise, promotion & marketing and team-working skills. The sessions are facilitated by professional, CRB checked developers, who are experienced in delivering gaming and apps workshops in schools.

Your pupils will create and design their own game, (which could be based on any subject within the curriculum) the game will then be published to the App Store, and profits will be retained by the school, potentially making it a break-even or even profit-making exercise.

For more information about this opportunity, contact FLIC on 0121 224 7514 or email us.

NEW to FLIC - Develop Games and Apps in YOUR School!