London Screenwriters Festival

Posted on 12 October 2011

Group Status for FILM BIRMINGHAM

£300 seems like a lot of money to pay for the London Screenwriters Festival. But what if that could be reduced to £234? That’s a 22% discount (12% greater than the 10% discount available anywhere else). As Group Ticket Sales Co-ordinator I am offering Creative England a nationwide group status. That means that anyone who sees this information can access the £66.00 discount.

Why should you come? When you’ve finished reading this email, check out the Festival here…

You really need to be there. You need to know what’s happening right now in the industry and you need to find a way to get your work seen and heard. If you are already commissioned and have an agent, you still need to make your own connections and find your own leads.

If you don’t yet have an agent or even your first commission, what opportunities are available to you? You can send writing samples to the BBC Writers Room…or to random agents… or track down and stalk producers. These are all good ways. But what about pitching yourself and your work in face-to-face interviews to some of the 80 producers and agents coming to the Speed Pitching Extravaganza at the Festival? Sounds good?

Your title here…PLUS:

70 fantastic speakers… Exclusive access to filmed sessions throughout the year once you’ve bought your ticket, so even if you can’t go, you won’t miss any of the sessions (and if you look at it that way, each session only costs £2.34 each!)… Networking training… Pitching
training… Pitching practice sessions… Building your social network. (Don’t forget, today’s wannabe could be tomorrow’s script editor on your favourite programme – or the producer who’s going to option a project you haven’t even written yet.)

That’s all apart from the Fun, the Friends and the Alcohol…

Don’t miss out on the Festival. The tickets are selling fast!

All you need to do is email me, Janice Day, at with FILM BIRMINGHAM in the subject line and I will tell you how to get the discount.

You can be pocket-rich and opportunity-poor…or you can come to the Festival.

London Screenwriters Festival