Global Entrepreneurship Week at Channel 4

Posted on 18 October 2011

Global Entrepreneurship Week began life as Enterprise Week in the UK back in 2004. When news of the phenomenal success of Enterprise Week in the UK spread the globe, lots of other countries got excited at the potential of running similar initiatives in their own countries. So in 2008, Enterprise UK and the Kauffman Foundation (the world’s largest entrepreneurship foundation based in the US) founded the very first Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Last year, there were over 32,000 events run in 88 countries, attended by more than 7.5 million people. In the UK, over 529,000 people attended 4,812 events.

Global Entrepreneurship Day for 16 to 21 year olds
Do you want to hear how others have turned passion in to cash?
Interested in being a media entrepreneur?
Are you free from 09:30 to 15:45 on Saturday 19th November 2011?
If you can answer yes to the above then this is the day for you. Come and spend the day with Channel 4 and attend several talks, and interactive workshops.

For 3 Minutes
As part of Channel 4’s Global Entrepreneurship Week, 4Talent in association with Carve Productions and Disclosure are offering a fantastic opportunity to become part of a production team to pull together a three minute documentary which could be placed on the Channel 4 / 4Talent website.

They are looking for budding:
Producers / Production Managers
Production Assistants
Camera Operators and

Who have already started on their media journey or want to change careers and take a different direction and have the passion and enthusiasm to want to freelance or go it alone. If successful you’ll be part of four groups who’ll be working together over seven days creating, shaping, building and completing a three minute scripted documentary which will be judged by a panel of professionals with the winners photos, biogs and short film being placed on the Channel 4 / 4Talent site.

They will take you on the whole production journey from concept to screening of your own scripted documentary short.

This scheme is open to anyone 21 plus who would like to gain invaluable experience in production and who can see themselves putting their aptitude and potential to the test and lay the foundations of true artistic entrepreneurs.

To apply you will need to be available everyday from 12th November to 19th November 2011.

Find out more
On the 4Talent website.

Global Entrepreneurship Week at Channel 4