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Posted on 3 August 2010

Act up is offering free careers advice at The Custard Factory next Thursday 5th July for anyone interested in acting professionally.

Act up is run by Gemma Lloyd and Martin Edwards. Gemma has been running act up for 11 years and Martin joined her in 2010. Gemma has been to art school, worked in the film industry, the Almeida Theatre and has a bottomless knowledge on the acting profession, the best routes into it and all the up to date information on drama school and their funding criteria.

Martin Edwards originally trained as a journalist and spent his early career reporting on the explosion of gun crime in London during the late 1990s, before moving over to the BBC. At the age of, 36 he finally realised his lifelong ambition to work as a professional actor. After taking several short courses with act-up, he applied to numerous drama schools before being offered a place on The Oxford School of Drama. Out of nearly 2000 applicants, only 18 people are accepted each year.

Martin and Gemma are going to be working at the Custard Factory next week. Martin is beginning writing a new play around the subject of Dementia and Gemma will be plotting act up and running around Birmingham.

Thursday 5th August is ‘free careers advice day’ and it will be run by Gemma Lloyd if you would be interested in coming for a chat, perhaps if you’re unsure on the best routes into the industry; then please email Gemma to let her know what time you would like to meet up. She’ll be there from 11.00am-5.00pm. Or indeed if you would just like to meet up for a chat about the weather, Birmingham, anything all good too. We will have a collection box for the charity Hope for Home, supporting dementia care at home, any contribution however small will be grateful received.

Email: gemma (at) act-up (dot) co (dot) uk

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