FLIC delivers professional filmmaking workshops for youth offending teams

Posted on 14 November 2011

As part of the First Light in the Classroom (FLIC) scheme, First Light is now delivering workshops for youth offending teams across the UK.

Our workshops aim to support the development of new and existing skills for young offenders, provide opportunities for them to explore their creativity through film and to present a positive view of their achievements that gives them a voice.

FLIC workshops for youth offending teams include:

Support from a CRB checked filmmaking professional;
Access to high quality digital production equipment;
Specialist exhibition and distribution support to help get your work seen by a wide audience;
Marketing support to celebrate the achievements of the pupils involved;
Eligibility for the First Light Awards, the UK’s most prestigious young film and media event;
Signposting routes for careers in the creative industries and careers advice.
Select from one of the standard workshop packages below or design your own. Starting from £490 (plus VAT), FLIC workshops can be made bespoke to suit a variety of needs and budgets.

Skill development
These workshops focus on the experience of creating your own film and the learning that comes from this. The young people involved will be able to develop a range of new skills including literacy and numeracy, working as part of a team, communication and problem solving. The workshops will also help with their confidence, behaviour, motivation and belief in their abilities.

Product development
These workshops focus on the creation of films to be used as a learning resource. These films will be used to support other young offenders. Themes might include employability skills, interview techniques or how to write a CV. The young people creating the film will develop the same skills as above and the Youth Offending Team will have a resource that can be used to support many more young offenders.

FLIC workshops work very well if delivered to support accreditation activity such as Arts Award. In August 2011, FLIC delivered filmmaking workshops for Wakefield Youth Offending Team. Seven young offenders worked with a professional filmmaker to create four films and also gained their Bronze Arts Award. More information on the success of this project can be seen in the attached case study.

Filmmaking can be a transformative tool for developing a range of skills for young people. Many young people don’t realise they are learning because it is fun. If you are looking for a fun and new way to engage the young people you support, a FLIC workshop is the answer.

We are now taking bookings to deliver workshops for 2012. To find out more about how FLIC can benefit your Youth Offending Team, contact workshops@firstlightonline.co.uk or call 0121 224 7511

FLIC delivers professional filmmaking workshops for youth offending teams