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Posted on 17 October 2011

Discover the Flipside: a DVD and Blu-ray strand from the BFI

The Flipside is a BFI Video publishing strand presenting weird and wonderful British films in high-quality editions on DVD and Blu-ray. The strand is now firmly established and acclaimed, with a diverse selection of previously ‘lost’ British films – from ‘B’ movies to studio pictures and beyond – released during 2009 and early 2010.

Developed from its popular monthly screening slot at BFI Southbank, the BFI’s Flipside series on DVD and Blu-ray is designed to revisit and reappraise British films that have slipped through the cracks of cinema history – films that were overlooked, marginalised, or undervalued at the original time of release, or sit outside the established canon of recognised classics. The subject matter varies widely (encompassing everything from nuclear war to Soho striptease, from forbidden love to international intrigue) and is likely to appeal to a diverse range of film fans, many of whom may be unfamiliar with the BFI’s more traditional DVD and Blu-ray output.

Through a dedicated releasing strategy that aims to re-appraise and re-contextualise the films and reposition them as “must-have” cult titles for a switched-on, content hungry audience, the Flipside extends The BFI’s reach beyond its core audience and engages new audiences.

All Flipside releases, newly-mastered in HD from original film elements, are presented with a wide array of special features and extensive illustrated booklets containing informative notes and thought-provoking essays.

To learn more visit BFI homepage here.

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