Departure Lounge: Turbulence + Q&A

Posted on 22 November 2011

The Departure Lounge at mac birmingham presents Michael B. Clifford’s Turbulence, followed by a Q&A

Shot in Kings Heath, this Birmingham comedy from BAFTA-award winning duo Michael Barig Clifford and Natasha Carlish (SoulBoy), follows six young, gifted and clueless twenty-somethings struggling with the realities of adult life.

When a failing music venue staffed by idiots looks set to close, manager Keith launches a last ditch Battle of the Bands competition. More by accident than by design, musical genius is unleashed by a rapping transvestite, some precocious indie rockers and a barmaid with a golden voice, who come together to save the world they love.

The Departure Lounge at mac birmingham showcases ‘films and film makers taking off.’ The emphasis is on debut feature films, both fiction and documentary; recent series have included Tracy Emin’s ‘Top Spot’, Lindy Heyman’s ‘Kicks’, John Bradurn’s ‘Wrists’, Debbie Aston’s ‘Made in Birmingham/Reggae Punk Bhangra’, and Michael Maynard’s ‘Freestyle.

Thu 24 November
Tickets £6.50 (£4.50)

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Departure Lounge: Turbulence + Q&A