Departure Lounge: Junkhearts + Q&A with Director Tinge Krishnan

Posted on 16 January 2012

MAC Cinema Thursday January 26, 6pm

Tinge Krishnan won a BAFTA in 2001 for her stunning short film,
‘Shadowscan’, made for BFI New Directors; the film was based on her
experience as a Doctor. Her first feature film, ‘Junkhearts’, which was
selected for the 2011 London Film Festival was described as ‘a striking
example of British independent film making; a sophisticated social drama
that carries real weight and purpose.’

From the Festival brochure comes this summary by Michael Hayden –

“A lonely ex-soldier in his 50s and at a crisis point in his life, Frank
(Eddie Marsan) traipses the pavement between his flat and the local off
licence with increasing regularity, stocking up on the booze and fags he
appears to exist on. On one of his shopping trips, he comes across Lynette
(Candese Reid), a black teenager sleeping rough, and, though initially
frosty toward each other, the unlikely pair bond. Meanwhile, high-powered
businesswoman Christine (Romola Garai) struggles to hold things together,
juggling job, drug habit, affair with a married man and being mother to a
baby daughter, without great success. All three characters are searching
for some kind of hope or redemption, though when Lynette’s manipulative,
menacing boyfriend Danny (Tom Sturridge) appears on the scene, it appears
things could get worse for them all before they get any better.”

After the screening Tinge Krishnan will discuss the film with Film Producer
and Professor, Roger Shannon, who was BFI Head of Production when Tinge’s
award winning short, ‘Shadowscan’, was produced.

The Departure Lounge at MAC Cinema supports UK film by showcasing first
features and independent cinema. Recent visitors to The Departure Lounge
have included Natasha Carlish and Michael Baig Clifford, film – ‘Turbulence’; Khaled El Hagar, film – ‘Little Dreams’; Carol Morley and
Cairo Cannon, film – ‘Edge’.

Giving lift off to new UK films is one of the aims of The Departure Lounge:
‘for films and film makers taking off.’

Click here to watch Tinge Krishnan’s Bafta-award winning short film, *

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