Creative Skillset Extends Support for Film and TV Skills Gaps

Posted on 6 November 2013

Creative Skillset funding for training is now available for TV professionals and film organisations. With a further £100,000 being invested into training and development in the film industry by Creative Skillset, companies that provide training for film professionals can now apply for funding in digital marketing and emerging producer development. Creative Skillset also confirmed that camera, hair and make-up freelancers working within television will now be eligible for training funding.

Creative Skillset works closely with both the film and TV industries to identify priority skills gaps and develops funding programmes to address them.

As part of Creative Skillset’s work in film, training organisations can now apply for funding. New funds include:

  • £60,000 to support emerging producers, through training, placements or mentoring schemes.
  • £40,000 to support production, distribution, exhibition or sales professionals to develop skills in digital marketing.

The deadline for applications to these film funds is Thursday 28 November. For further information and to apply visit

Experienced freelancers looking to attend training in camera, hair and make-up can now apply for funding from Creative Skillset’s TV Skills Fund, which has been extended to include these departments. Areas that were already eligible for funding include production management, directing, sound and data wrangling. Freelancers can find out more and apply to these funds at

Creative Skillset works closely with the BFI to support the strategic priorities outlined in its five-year strategy Film Forever.

Creative Skillset Extends Support for Film and TV Skills Gaps