Black International Film Festival 2014

Posted on 23 October 2014

The 8th Black International Film Festival

This year for the first time we are moving some of our screenings online. This is new to the Black international film festival. As funding becomes less available for the smaller and ethnic festivals in the UK, we look for more creative ways to bring our submissions to you. Therefore we have decision to bring some of our official selection directly to you. Whether you are at home, work or on the move. Why not have a night in with friends and enjoy some of the best independent films submitted to the festival.

The films will be available to watch for 24hrs feedback on the film is welcomed

Inside Out Docu – Drama

MON 27th OCT
LOCATION: – Cineworld Broad Street
A fast paced and dynamic docu-drama offering a unique case study into the reality of resettlement for ex-offenders. Fused with a dramatised narrative, an original soundtrack, interviews with ex-offenders, families and key experts, the central theme is explored through the eyes of Adrian Spence; a fictional character (based on bringing hope case studies) who is battling to get his life back on track after serving a 7 year sentence.

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Family Reunion – Short Film

TIME:- 7:00PM
LOCATION: – Mocking Bird Theatre Custard factory Gibb Street
Family Reunion tells the story of a close-knit London family, who recently lost their mother and Uncle. As Dad (Trevor Laird) and his loving children Karen (Karen Bryson) and Jason (Clint Dyer) return from the funeral, the family home seems to lack the warmth it once had. The sadness is lightened by the joy of the upcoming family celebrations, Jason’s sons 10th birthday, dad’s 60th birthday and a family reunion. As the planning for the milestone birthdays and reunion gets underway, it is tainted by a secret. What is the secret? Will it be revealed or will this family be torn apart forever?

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Murdered by My Boyfriend – Drama

TIME:- 7:00PM
LOCATION: – Mocking Bird Theatre Custard factory, Gibb Street, Digbeth
Come and meet the Georgina Campbell star of this chilling Drama
at this special screening which depicts the true story of a young woman who finds herself in a relationship with a seemingly loving man, but is everything as good as it seems? Georgina Campbell rein acts this tragic story. Hear how the actress prepared and researched the role and also have the opportunity to speak and discuss this topic with professionals who work in this field

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5 mins – Short Film

TIME:- 7:00PM
LOCATION: – Mocking Bird Theatre Custard factory Gibb Street
Drifting in and out of consciousness, the once happy Denise is comforted by the on scene Dr Pasha. She’s been involved in a car crash. With the help of the inexperienced Pasha, Denise must decide one last thing before she dies. “Who should she call”?

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Beri conference

TIME:- 10:00AM
Heritage Suite – floor 4 – LOB / Support Service – floor one
The Annual Beri Conference Business of Entertainment and related Industries is back. A woman’s focus day, addressing the business behind owning a business. Come and listen to successful business leaders and professionals give advice on taxation, marketing and business strategies, This day is absolutely free
Contact:- to register

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Second Wind – Short Film

TIME:- 7:00PM
Focused in keeping the dark reasons for his disappearance a secret, “Dexter” presents to his wife a last – chance ultimatum: 5 days of martial bliss in exchange for a signature on divorce papers. A reluctant “Josie” agrees but gets more than she had bargained for.

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Black International Film Festival 2014