BIFF Presents Premiere Screening of Hard Shoulder

Posted on 23 October 2012

Black International Film Festival


Premiere Screening of Hard Shoulder

Wil Johnson (from waking the dead ) and Jamie Foreman (Derrick Branning EastEnders)


Carl Foster is a man committed to his work but a man who also knows he should give more time to his family. Taking a much needed break from the pressures of his professional life he embarks on a weekend vacation with his wife, daughter, and young son. But what begins as a pleasant, if somewhat conversationally strained journey ends in a flurry of violent abuse, and spine-tingling terror as Carl, In-advisedly confronting a group of Carnival type travellers, watches in desperation as the ones he loves are brutalised and humiliated in the dank, and grimy confines of an abandoned roadside diner.

Meet and Greet Wil Johnson, The director and cast
Q/A Session

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Thursday 25th October 7pm at the Library Theatre
Paradise Place Birmingham City Centre (behind the Central Library)
Screenings Commence at 7pm prompt
Admission Free

BIFF Presents Premiere Screening of Hard Shoulder