Production Guild - Assistant Co-ordinator Training

Posted on 16 February 2016

Move up in production

Applications are now open for the Production Guild Assistant Co-ordinator training course at University Of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TT.

This course will take place from Mon 11 April – Sat 17 April (plus Sat 30 April which will cover Safety Management in Film Production).

This 7 day training course is available to participants for a fee of £380 (+ VAT at 20% + Booking Fee of 2.5%) and benefits from significant financial support from Creative Skillset Film Skills Fund.

A high volume of applications is expected, so please ensure that you send your completed application forms as soon as possible and before the closing date of noon Monday 21st March 2016.

Please email to request an application pack.

How will this course benefit your career?

If you a junior, runner or production assistant looking to progress your career in production then the Assistant Co-ordinator’s intensive week long training programme will give you the career boost you need. This unique course is designed to equip you with the skills to move up into the role of Assistant Co-ordinator.

Often making this move in the production department can be a lottery – relying on you having the right experience and contacts – all at the right time!

This course will help you to build on your experience as a production assistant or junior and develop the specific skills and knowledge you need to take on the role of Assistant Co-ordinator. This will give you the confidence to go for jobs in production that previously were not available to you.

Production Guild - Assistant Co-ordinator Training