Are you a filmmaker? BBC are looking for a Content Producer

Posted on 16 May 2017

Are you a filmmaker? We’re looking for a Content Producer (equivalent to AP/Producer in TV terms) to be based in Birmingham’s swish Fazeley Studios.

The job (to start with at least) is to help develop and make strands for YouTube and Facebook like Things Not To Say so it helps if you love those platforms and their creative possibilities!

We’re looking for people who have things they want to say – people with ideas and stories they think the BBC Three audience need to know about. We’re particularly interested in perspectives that are under-represented in the media in general, and we’re looking for people with the understanding and journalistic skills to navigate areas like race, sexuality, gender, class, mental health… or any of BBC Three’s other core areas.

Skills in shooting, editing on premiere, sound and so on all helpful too.

It’s a 6 month contract but with BBC Three moving to Birmingham, there’s a strong chance the role will continue after that. It’s a BBC job so expect the training, leave entitlement and benefits that come with that.

Closing date is 21st May 2017
To apply click here

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