WPC 56

It’s 1956 and Gina Dawson is the first WPC to serve in her home town of Brinford, just outside Birmingham. Considered inferior to her male colleagues in every way, Gina’s official duties are to deal with domestic issues involving women and children, not to mention typing up reports and making tea for the men! Gina Dawson is no ordinary police woman; she’s WPC 56.


The daily challenges facing the first policewoman to join a West Midlands force in the 1950s, where sexism, chauvinism and petty grudges are added to the policeman's usual lot.

WPC 56 was written by Dominique Moloney and is broadcast on BBC One. The series revolves around the first Woman Police Constable to join Brinford Constabulary, a fictional police force in the West Midlands, in 1956. The show focuses on WPC Gina Dawson's struggle to gain acceptance in the male-dominated police station whilst having to deal with the sexist attitudes that were commonplace at the time. The first and second series were first broadcast in 2013 and 2014 respectively.


Gina Dawson: Jennie Jacques
Jack Burns: Kieran Bew
Sidney Fenton: Charlie De'Ath
Chief Superintendent Coulson: John Bowler
Linus Brody: Tim Plester

Location & Resources

Filmed in and around Birmingham with its source of period locations including the Jewellery Quarter and the Black Country Living Museum.

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