Hustle, a drama series about a team of con artists, has proven to be one of BBC One’s most successful and popular dramas.

Mickey "Bricks" Stone: Adrian Lester
Albert Stroller: Robert Vaughn
Ash "Three Socks" Morgan: Robert Glenister
Emma Kennedy: Kelly Adams
Sean Kennedy: Matt Di Angelo


Hustle follows notorious master conman Mickey Bricks and his long-standing accomplices, veteran Albert Stroller and fixer Ash ‘Three Socks’ Morgan. Together with sister and brother duo, Sean and Emma Kennedy, the 'grifters' plot complicated scams to liberate greedy fat cats from their ill gotten gains.

As always they’ll target London’s rich and greedy and, with their grifting skills better than ever, they’re ready to push themselves to the limit in the search for riches. But pushing themselves is just the start and with the marks looking meaner and the risks higher Mickey will need some truly ingenious cons if they’re going to keep alive and out of jail.

Written and created by Tony Jordan, Hustle is a Kudos Film and Television production in association with Red Planet Pictures and Screen WM for the BBC.

Location & Resources

The last three series of Hustle have been filmed in Birmingham and London.


Emma Yeomans, Unit Manager, said, "I have been working in Birmingham on Hustle series 6 and 7 over the past 2 years. Sindy Campbell and the team at Film Birmingham have been there every step of the way. It's like having an extra team member always on the end of the phone to help with our filming requests. Thank you for all of your hard work – you have been brilliant."

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